Day: January 8, 2009

Where Goodness Lies: An Open Letter To Students

Dear Students Two factors have come together to inspire me to write this letter to you. First, it has been my privilege to promote cross-campus entrepreneurship on college and university campuses, and I have met some amazing young people with great entrepreneurial ideas who want their lives to count for something significant. I also have […]

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Was Nan Keohane Worse Than Brodhead?

In October 2006, 60 Minutes offered a searing examination of the Duke lacrosse case. Reported by the late Ed Bradley, the broadcast exposed then-Durham D.A. Mike Nifong for what he was: an unethical prosecutor advancing a non-existent case to secure the votes of African-Americans he needed to win an upcoming Democratic primary. The broadcast also […]

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This Is Not Sensationalism

Best Ivygate headline in some time: “Ex-Harvard Med School Professor turned Cross-Dressing Murderer Hangs Himself in Jail Cell”

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