Day: January 11, 2011

Server Troubles Fixed

We experienced a number of technical difficulties relating to a server transfer early this week but everything appears to be in order now. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Tucson and ‘Hate Speech’ Games

The media, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and Democrat politicians are predictably using the tragic shooting of Gabrielle Giffords by what appears to be a mentally deranged young man to make political points and clamp down on opposing speech. Already, the signs are out there saying, “hate speech equals murder.” I wonder, though, if the protestors […]

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Do Rich, White Protestants Have a Big Edge in Admissions?

Just how much are “legacies” – students with family ties to graduates – granted an edge in admissions to the most elite institutions in the United States? Until recently, the answer to this question, based on relatively simple analyses of acceptance rates of legacies and non-legacies, had been fairly settled. Legacies, according to the best […]

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