Day: January 13, 2011

Could the Feds Tell College Students What to Do?

If the Obama administration’s argument that Congress has the authority to require every individual to purchase health insurance is upheld by the Supreme Court, many students may be in for a big surprise. Yes, students. The administration argument, briefly, is that access to affordable health care is so essential to both personal and national security […]

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Let’s Not Portray the President as a National Therapist

Today’s New York Times editorial on President Obama’s speech yesterday in Arizona bears the title “As We Mourn”, a straightforward and simple heading, but the first sentence is striking: It is a president’s responsibility to salve a national wound. As with the title, the phrasing is clear and direct, sententiously so, the “It is” bearing […]

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Football Teams with Colleges Loosely Attached

The 2010 college football season ended with Auburn’s dramatic victory over Oregon for the national championship and with the usual meditations on how important the sport is for the colleges that play it. Athletic directors and coaches, attempting to dispel all doubt about the value of football, proudly point to gate receipts, increased alumni donations, […]

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