Day: June 30, 2011

The Ideological Aims of Foundations

Readers of Minding the Campus may have noted the story in Inside Higher Ed entitled “Not Just Florida State” (see here). The piece cites “sizable grants” given by the Koch Foundation to universities to support the study of “capitalism and free enterprise.”  These agreements are, one assumes, to be added to the Florida State grant […]

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For-Profit v. Non-Profit Colleges–Which Use More Federal Cash?

Are for-profit colleges and universities getting a raw deal from the government compared to their more elitist peers in the private non-profit sector of American higher education? Vance H. Fried, writing in a recent policy analysis brief published by the libertarian think-tank, the Cato Foundation, argues just that.  Fried is a former private-practice attorney, oil […]

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Let’s Make Sure Those RA Brains are Properly Washed

The writer is a student and former residential assistant at DePauw University and a summer intern at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Her comments here are excerpted from a FIRE fund-raising letter – JL                                                             *** During the week-long series of RA training events, my fellow RAs and I were lectured repeatedly about white […]

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