For-Profit v. Non-Profit Colleges–Which Use More Federal Cash?


Are for-profit colleges and universities getting a raw deal from the government compared to their more elitist peers in the private non-profit sector of American higher education?

Vance H. Fried, writing in a recent policy analysis brief published by the libertarian think-tank, the Cato Foundation, argues just that.  Fried is a former private-practice attorney, oil company executive, and investment bankernow a professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. He targets private non-profit colleges and universities as the beneficiaries of federal largesse, waste and inefficiency. 

“Undergraduate education is a highly profit


One thought on “For-Profit v. Non-Profit Colleges–Which Use More Federal Cash?”

  1. STAY CLEAR OF CEC- Career Education Corporation (CECO)
    (CEC School List Below)
    It appears Career Education Corporation has been operating degree-mills and federal funding could stop.

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