Day: September 6, 2011

Women’s Studies Professor Takes a Vacation

How easy do some college professors have it?  Here is a paragraph from an Aug. 28 story in the Chronicle of Higher Education about the effect of recession-hit Nevada’s higher-education budget cuts at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas: One person who hasn’t spent much time on the campus since May is [Lynn] Comella.  Sitting behind a […]

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Professors Who Respond with Contempt

One of the less inspiring features of academia over the years has been the tendency of the professorate (or at least a vocal portion of them) to respond to certain ideas with contempt.  Twenty years ago it was “political correctness” that earned their scorn–that is, denying there was any such thing–and ten years ago it […]

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Global Warming: The Campus Non-Debate

I do not want us to shut down economic drive to support false science, and on the other hand, I do not want to leave behind a scorched earth.  …. Let’s get the science right!  A better debate and research is needed by honest and believable scientists who study climate professionally. Richard Lindzen, Professor of […]

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