Day: December 2, 2011

No, They Can’t Renege on Student Debt

Sometimes the left is onto something. Take, for example, the latest twist in the “Occupy” movement: Occupy Student Debt. The new activism front, which began in with a Nov. 21 rally at Occupy Ground Zero, New York’s Zuccotti Park, is trying to collect a million online signatures from debtors pledging to refuse to repay their […]

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“OccupyCUNY” Fails

Commendably, the trustees of the City University of New York refused to bow to intimidation, and put the best interests of the university first by approving, in a 15-1 vote, a new tuition structure. The new policy grants CUNY the authority to raise tuition by $300 annually for the next five years. The decision, of […]

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Academic Articles–Expensive and Mostly Unread

At research universities and many liberal arts colleges, too, it is universally assumed that research is an unadulterated good.  Research keeps professors fresh in their fields, makes them better teachers, and raises intellectual standards for departments.  Who would disagree? In conversations about research in my world of the humanities, though, one doesn’t often hear about one […]

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