Day: December 14, 2011

Person of the Year Four Times

Time magazine has named The Protester as its Person of the Year.  As a result, my brother Peter, intrepid humor columnist for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, writes to brag that he has now been picked as the magazine’s Person of the Year four times: 1966 (everyone under age 25), 1968 (middle Americans), 2006 (YOU, i.e., everyone […]

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What’s Going on Behind the Curtain? Climategate 2.0 and Scientific Integrity

Cross-posted from National Association of Scholars. Climategate, both 1 and 2, are textbook cases of gross lapses in professional ethics and scientific malfeasance.  To understand why, one must first understand what science is and how it is supposed to operate. Science is the noble pursuit of knowledge through observation, testing and experimentation.  Scientists attempt to […]

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