Day: August 7, 2012

A Protest over our Regnerus Article

To the Editors: It is quite the laughable bit of hypocrisy, that you hold up Allen Bloom as an intellectual hero, at the same time that you are supporting the unscientific garbage pumped out by Mark Regnerus. Regnerus’s “study” is a control-group, test-group study, in which there is no valid comparison between a test and […]

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Penn Is Cutting Back on White Male Faculty

Columbia is not the only elite university promoting exclusionary hiring in a big way. The University of Pennsylvania has just announced that it will spend $100 million over the next five years “on hiring and retaining more diverse faculty members.” George Leef asks a very good question: “Why does it cost so much money to simply screen […]

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What Columbia Is Doing Is Illegal

Just a few lawyerly thoughts to add to KC Johnson’s excellent post yesterday on Columbia University setting aside $30 million to hire female and minority faculty. It was clear enough all along that Columbia’s hiring would be racially discriminatory, if not racially exclusive; and, as Professor Johnson points out, even the pretext that sometimes a (politically […]

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