Day: August 8, 2012

No Conservatives, Please–We’re Colleges

Over the past several years, a number of studies have shown that registered Democrats far outnumber registered Republicans in the academy, or in particular academic departments (history, for instance) that would seem to have no reason to have wide partisan imbalances.  Invariably, the most interesting thing about these studies is not the finding itself–which, after […]

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Higher Ed’s Non-Revolution of the 90s

Think back. What was the revolutionary technological advance of the 1990s that we thought pointed the way to the future of higher education?  It was “interactive television,” of course! Interactive television was at the center of the revolution in education called “distance learning.”  It would connect classrooms within a city, state, or even (with some […]

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That Response to My Article Was Strange

Scott Rose’s 1,085-word letter to the editors of Minding the Campus does not contest–or find any factual error in–my Aug. 1 article titled “Regnerus and the ‘Liberal War on Science.‘” My subject was the academic hysteria over University of Texas sociologist Mark Regnerus’s article in the journal Social Science Research concluding that the adult children of […]

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