Day: August 12, 2012

Surprise! Faculty Money Goes to Dems

This week featured some interesting political news regarding campaign contributions: confirming the partisan shift on Wall Street, Business Week revealed that around 70 percent of Goldman Sachs employees who have donated to this year’s presidential campaign send funds to Mitt Romney. The contrast to 2008, when about 75 percent who made contributions had donated to […]

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Washington Tries to Intimidate the Schools

If African American students are disciplined in schools at a higher rate than are white students, the obvious reason is that African American students commit a disproportionate number of infractions.  Not according to “disparate impact” (or “disparate outcomes”) thinking, however.  Any time one sees significant gaps in black and white treatments or results–suspensions, test scores, […]

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Big Troubles Ahead for Online Learning

I recently wrote here about the unwarranted optimism that the dawn of distance learning brought to higher education in the 1990s. That trip down memory lane might–and probably should–throw cold water on the enthusiasm about online education today. Arguably, the troubles with online education now are no different from those of the old distance learning […]

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