Day: December 19, 2012

Puzzled Penn Politics Professor

Adolph Reed, who professes political science at Penn, has a snarky OpEd in the New York Times today, “The Puzzle of Black Republicans.” Professor Reed is puzzled why any blacks would vote for Republicans, and why anyone thinks it’s newsworthy that a “token” black has just been appointed to the Senate from South Carolina, “the […]

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Frank Macchiarola, an Extraordinary Man

People reading Frank Macchiarola’s obituary today will, no doubt, be struck at the variety of his achievements. Frank, who wrote for this site,  was widely regarded as the most successful New York Schools Chancellor, but he was also a success as a Law School Dean, Chair of Charter Commissions, CEO of the NYC Partnership and […]

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The Campus Year in Speech Control

As Abby Thernstrom once remarked, our colleges and universities “are islands of repression in a sea of liberty,” so we always look forward to the annual report of FIRE to see what all those busy college repressers are up to. FIRE has good news and bad.  Good news: For the fifth year in a row, the […]

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