File This Under ‘Liberal Fascism,’ Student Division

The Student Government Association at Johns Hopkins University has denied official recognition to a  pro-life student organization. The Daily Caller reports that the SGA voted10-8 to reject the group—cutting it off from student activities funding and building access for meetings, apparently on grounds that demonstrations and counseling attempts outside abortion clinics amounted to harassment. … SGA leaders elaborated on their opposition to the group in a private e-mail chain that was obtained by Life News. According to the Caller, “One member of the student government, whose name was withheld, sent an e-mail that said, ‘And this is why we don’t approve groups like Voice for Life.’ He then linked to a ThinkProgress article about a white supremacist group at Towson University. Some members of SGA also thought that a link on the Voices for Life website, which sent visitors to a Web page that featured graphic pictures of aborted babies, was offensive.”

Trying to eliminate campus pro-life groups is new. The defunding and expulsion of Christian groups that don’t approve gay sex is old hat.  So are all the speech codes, newspaper thefts, rigged sexual misconduct hearings and speakers canceled for having wrong opinions. Where are the liberals who once spoke up for fairness, free speech and tolerance?


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