Day: August 2, 2013

Higher-ed Elitists: “Let Them Eat MOOCs!”

In a recent post at the Chronicle of Higher Education, Kevin Carey of the New America Foundation urges professors to “embrace the new academic freedom,” particularly freedom from tenure. Tenure, Carey argues in a fit of hyperbole, “is one of the worst deals in all of labor.” First, only “a few worthy souls use tenure […]

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Yale Continues to Deny Due Process

Yale’s latest report on its new sexual assault policy, written by Deputy Provost Stephanie Spangler, is already drawing fire. The feminist blog Jezebel angrily asserts that at Yale, rape “is described as ‘nonconsensual sex,’ and it’s usually punishable by ‘written reprimand.’” Anti-due process activists on campus, according to Jezebel, are similarly infuriated. But at Yale, […]

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