Day: August 19, 2013

Educational Malpractice Abounding

In this heart-rending L.A. Times piece, we see how educational malpractice from early school on to freshman year at the University of California – Berkeley has damaged a young black student, Kashawn Campbell. Kashawn was one of the very few male students who showed any interest in his studies and for that reason, the school […]

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Dartmouth Excludes Black Bishop To Promote “Inclusion”

Critics (often but not always conservatives) have long complained that political correctness has cast a a pall of conformity over college campuses, compromising and even violating academic freedom. A new case from Dartmouth has now put meat on the bones of that criticism. The Rt. Rev. James Tengatenga had resigned his position as Anglican Bishop […]

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St. Joe’s to Court: Make “Dear Colleague” Letter Unassailable

There’s a new and troubling development in the Brian Harris case. Harris, as you’ll recall, was a St. Joseph’s student accused of sexual assault but denied basic due process rights throughout a judicial procedure that resulted in his expulsion. Harris is now suing St. Joe’s for violating his Title IX rights, alleging that St. Joe’s […]

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