Day: April 7, 2014

Dartmouth Survives Diversity Takeover

Sensibly enough, the Wall Street Journal berated Phil Hanlon, the president of Dartmouth, for mishandling the two-day takeover of the university administration building by a small group of diversity-obsessed students. Instead of the obvious move–having the protesters tossed out–Hanlon met with them, then announced: “Their grievance, in short, is that they don’t feel like Dartmouth […]

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A Rejoinder to Peter

For this exchange I accept Peter’s characterization that I made ten major points in my original rebuttal and will proceed accordingly.      1.   The issue of evidence Peter doesn’t really dispute my claim that his critique of the Common Core was supported by little evidence and no citations from the actual Common Core document. […]

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The Road From Fisher

Fisher v. University of Texas was the most eagerly (or anxiously) anticipated Supreme Court case of the last several years. Opponents of affirmative action hoped (and supporters feared) that it would, finally, fire a silver bullet into the heart of racial preference policies. It did not, but what it did do (if anything) has been […]

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