Author: Sol Stern

Sol Stern is a Contributing Editor to City Journal and a Manhattan Institute Senior Fellow.

The Real Common Core Story

I couldn’t miss the eye-catching headline on Diane Ravitch’s influential blog: “Schneider Schools Sol Stern on the Common Core.” Mercedes Schneider, a Louisiana teacher, is one of Ravitch’s loyal allies in the education-reform wars. Ravitch thinks she’s a great investigator and often cites her work. Actually, what Schneider excels at is promulgating conspiracy theories and […]

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A Rejoinder to Peter

For this exchange I accept Peter’s characterization that I made ten major points in my original rebuttal and will proceed accordingly.      1.   The issue of evidence Peter doesn’t really dispute my claim that his critique of the Common Core was supported by little evidence and no citations from the actual Common Core document. […]

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A Sorry Attack on the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards have their critics, left and right, and some of the objections are worth listening to. Although the Common Core train has left the station, we still don’t know whether it will reach its destination of producing more literate and knowledgeable citizens. So it would be useful to have an informed debate about […]

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The Propaganda in Our Ed Schools

Radical Math held its third annual conference in New York last weekend. Four hundred high school math teachers and education professors attended the conference on “Creating Balance in an Unjust World: Math Education and Social Justice.” At thirty-two workshops on Long Island University’s Brooklyn campus and in half a dozen city public schools, math teachers […]

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