Survey: Privileged Harvard Students Feel Marginalized

Number One finding in the annual survey of Harvard seniors: about 60 percent of African-Americans and more than 40 percent of Latino and Asian-American students have felt marginalized because of their race while at Harvard. “Marginalized,” an invitation to aggrievement, is now a mainstream college term, raising the question, “How marginalized can you be if they let you into Harvard?” Another survey finding provides a rough answer to that query: “Seniors are nearly unanimous in the view that, if given the chance, they would choose Harvard again.”

 Other findings: 42 percent of seniors and 67 percent of homosexual or LGBTQ students have sought mental health support; 90 percent support same-sex marriage; 38 percent are agnostic or atheist; 44 percent want Harvard to divest its endowment from fossil fuel companies; 21 percent of students say they are virgins; 12 percent of women were sexually assaulted; 12 percent have had ten or more sexual partners, and the median number of dating partners while at Harvard is one. Nearly half of the senior class, 758 students, responded to the survey, conducted this month.


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One thought on “Survey: Privileged Harvard Students Feel Marginalized”

  1. Have these future leaders ever been exposed to the best arguments defending conservative worldviews? Is there any research that attempts to identify how and when they formulated these worldviews? Did they hold more conservative or even no views just before high school and were their beliefs largely established in their elite preparatory academies? If so, we should be proactively making the case to decision makers in these elite academies to have conservative guest speakers and projects presented to these students which would further the
    “diverse” education the school leaders purport to champion!!

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