Day: October 21, 2014

Cathy Young: Groupthink Hits the Federalist Society

In its response to my column on my relationship with the Federalist Society’s speakers bureau, the Federalist Society claims that it continues to host events on the same topic that got me dropped from their list—challenging hardline feminist doctrines on “rape culture” and rape legislation—and speakers who share the same “basic perspective” as mine. The […]

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The Federalist Society Responds to Cathy Young

The Federalist Society aims to host programs on law school campuses and elsewhere on important and controversial legal topics by offering top libertarian and conservative thinkers a small speaking fee and defraying their travel expenses. Cathy Young recently posted a piece objecting to our decision no longer to include her on the list of speakers we […]

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Suing over Tawdry Campus Sex in Houston

The latest due process lawsuit—albeit one with quite unsympathetic defendants—has been filed, this one against the University of Houston. You can read the complaint here, and the motion for a preliminary injunction here. The specifics of this case are tawdry. A male Houston student named Ryan McConnell, after a night of drinking heavily, hooked up […]

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