Day: November 23, 2014

McCarthyite Justice at Wesleyan and Swarthmore

There are two certainties from the current crusade against due process for students accused of sexual assault. First, in coming years, there will be a higher percentage of convictions, since colleges must use the preponderance-of-evidence and are strongly discouraged from allowing accused students from cross-examining their accusers. Second, because so few due process protections exist […]

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Looking Very Hard for Racism

“The Microaggression Farce,” Heather  Mac Donald’s latest article for City Journal, is getting a lot of attention. It examines one of the more pathetic campus trends, finding  alleged racism in acts so small (or non-existent) that only aggrieved students of color and their allies can spot  them. Mac Donald writes: “As student claims of racial […]

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