Day: April 30, 2015

A Surprising List of Top Ten Colleges

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology?  SUNY Maritime College? Yes. They are among the top ten “value-added” U.S. colleges  likely to increase a student’s  lifetime earnings, according  to a study, “Beyond College Rankings,” by Brookings Institution Fellow Jonathan Rothwell. The highest ranking among 4-year colleges are: 1) California Institute of Technology, 2) Colgate, 3) M.I.T., 4) Rose-Hulman […]

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Millennials Not Ready for the Job Market

Millennial workers have had it rough in recent years, coming of age during the Great Recession and experiencing higher levels of unemployment and underemployment than older generations. A new study finds that Millennials, who will dominate the U.S. labor market for the next 50 years, may face another problem: They’re less prepared for today’s job […]

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Hamstringing Online Colleges

Federal rules for state authorization of online college teaching raise some odd questions. Why is Massachusetts charging $40,000 for an online college to hire a work-from-home professor living on the Vermont-Massachusetts border? Why does North Carolina demand a $37,000 fee before allowing administrators with a distance learning university to meet prospective students face to face? […]

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