Quotes of the Day

“Can I touch you here?” (repeat 15 or 16 times).  California’s “Yes Means Yes” rule requires repeated authorizations for every step toward sexual intercourse. From the NY Times Oct. 15: “‘What does that mean – you have to say ‘yes’ every 10 minutes?’ asked one student. ‘Pretty much,’ replies the instructor…”

How to drag anti-black violence into a story about a white guy’s obnoxious behavior in a University of Connecticut cafeteria: “( Luke) Gatti’s tirade…has been shared across social media as a mere goof, as an exemplar of millennial entitlement, as an object lesson in how  a young  white man can display such belligerence and survive while a young black man may die for far less.” –The Chronicle of Higher Education. Oct. 16.

Opposing or limiting trigger warnings is “ableism.” American University’s  faculty resolution in favor of free speech “reflects  an ableist viewpoint as well as a clear misunderstanding of trauma  and mental health,” said the campus group Students Against Sexual Violence.”—The Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct. 16.

A radical anti-rape activist at Oxford University resigned several activist positions  after realizing that she had raped another female student  at a Black Students conference last spring. “I failed to properly establish consent before every act,” Annie Teriba wrote, attaching a trigger warning to her prose. One Oxford women;s group was unsympathetic,calling Teriba’s statement “rife with rape apologism.”—Progressives Today, Oct. 15


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