Gillette on the Razor’s Edge After Airing Toxic Ad Against Men

The radical feminist war against men, once contained on college campuses, has leached into corporate America. One of America’s longstanding, iconic companies, Gillette, released a new ad campaign portraying men as violent, sexual predators by virtue of their “toxic manhood” training. The public reaction to the ad has been swift and unequivocal. Below is a letter from Gregory J. Josefchuk, President of the National Coalition For Men Carolinas, which speaks for millions of men who are no doubt switching to Schick.

Mr. Gary Coombe President
P&G Global Grooming
The Gillette Company 1 Granite Street
Boston, MA 02210

Dear Mr. Coombe:

I am writing to you to express in the strongest terms my disappointment, disgust, and contempt for Gillette’s “We Believe” ad which depicts males as sexual predators and bullies. I find it beyond the pale that an iconic American company built by an industrious businessman like King C. Gillette, which has made millions of dollars from men, would promote misandry using feminist-inspired boorish depictions of males as rapists in waiting in their advertisement.

I am a proud board member of The National Coalition For Men (NCFM) and write to you in my capacity as the Carolinas chapter president. Operating since 1977, NCFM is the oldest men’s organization committed to ending sex discrimination. After reviewing your “We Believe” ad, it’s clear much work is still required to promote the infinite positive aspects of being male. Gillette’s “toxic masculinity” message and negative portrayals of men and boys add to our workload.

Perhaps you are unaware of the many challenges that men face today. Men are systematically discriminated against in parenting rights, child custody, criminal sentencing, military conscription, treatment of mental illness, education, domestic and sexual violence laws (and sentencing), reproductive rights, genital integrity laws, international forced labor laws, public benefits and more.

Men make up 80% or more of homeless adults, job deaths, work injuries, incarcerated persons, combat deaths, dropouts and deaths by suicide. Men also die younger than women and have higher mortality rates for 13 of the 15 leading causes of death.  I implore you to stop the hostilities aimed against men and boys by your company. A good place to start would be by immediately removing the “We Believe” ad followed by the issuance of a public apology along with a mea culpa for releasing such an insensitive, biased and harmful ad.

In closing, we stand firmly behind the #BoycottGillette social media campaign and will ceaselessly ask our membership, supporters, families and friends and the public at large to stop buying Gillette and Proctor & Gamble products until the ad is pulled.


Gregory J. Josefchuk President National Coalition For Men Carolinas (NCFMC) P.O. Box 274 Sherrills Ford, NC 28673 Tel: (828) 478-2281


6 thoughts on “Gillette on the Razor’s Edge After Airing Toxic Ad Against Men

  1. In the culture wars of the early 21st century, Gillette forgot where the majority of their paying customers stood. To launch such a shameless and biased attack on the very people that pay their salaries was ill-conceived, to say the least.

    If this ad was intended for white, heterosexual men (every man in the barbecue grill police lineup) it was impossible not to be offensive. If it was intended for women, as if to say ‘even though we are a corporation associated with maleness we still care,’ it was poorly conceived and executed.

    Where was the decision maker? How did an ad produced by the feminists, gay men and presumably enlightened black men (“not cool, man”) in the marketing department slide through? I’m dumping my Gillette stock before it becomes worthless, which judging by their corporate decision-making, won’t be long now. I expect a run on Schick stock.

    1. Gillette may be attempting to do what Smith & Wesson attempted 20-25 years ago.

      Also headquartered in Massachusetts, Smith & Wesson was attempting to get into the then-growing market for police equipment, notably the now omnipresent LED lights on emergency vehicles. They first supported stricter gun control laws in Massachusetts and then totally sold out to the Clinton Administration in 2000.

      The response from outraged gun owners nearly killed the company — except that Gillette is part of Proctor & Gamble — which sells consumer products largely marketed to women in the first place. And Gillette makes 25%, all profit, selling shaving products to women. So bashing men well might make economic sense for P&G, which can rely on brands like Bounty, Crest, Tide, Downy, Gain, Febreze, and Dawn — as well as their feminine hygiene products.

      Gillette selling out men may actually make sense for Proctor & Gamble, which speaks volumes to the myth of male privilege…

      1. Gillette (P&G) was already under seige, suffering market share losses to upstarts such as Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. Fact is, the product is overpriced. Ad or no ad, the brand is headed to Davy Jones’ Locker. Why not virtue signal a bit on the way down.

  2. I’ve finally figured out why that BBQ photo seems surreal — no one would stand in the smoke, and no one with an IQ over 12 would set up grills that close to each other and then stand in such a confined space behind them. Forget middle seat on an airplane, what are they all going to do if a grill flares up or someone gets burnt? There’s no way out — they’d have a dozen grills knocked over, people falling on top of them, what the EMS people refer to as a “major casualty event.”

    And above and beyond even this, how are all of these men going to get raw food to their grills, and then get the cooked food off them? How are they going to go get another beer? And why are they going to stand in the smoke???

    The clip can be addressed on higher levels, such as the body and facial language depicted — but no cognizant adult, of any of the 57 known genders, would be standing behind such a row of grills. In the smoke. And the boorish male they are attempting to parody would never permit other grills to be set up as close to his — again, how is he going to be able to go get another beer???

    They are parodying that which they don’t even understand — which is why I am increasingly of the belief that this was intended to appeal to the female market and to make women overlook the fact that they charge women 25% more for what are essentially identical products…

    What does that say about women????

  3. Men are fools. Men are buffoons. Men (White men in particular) are fat, ineffectual, clueless baboons led about by their gonadal imperatives, slavering helplessly before even the slightest hint of female sexuality (let alone a lusciously, grinning Sofia Vergara, et al.). We can only say, “Thank God for women and gay men” — who else would tell us what to do, and how do dress, and how to act, and what to think??!!

    But wait. Men are also rapists. Men are bastards. Men are bullies. Men are violent, brawling, misogynistic, bloody beasts — eager to hurt & abuse the weak, the small, the helpless, and of course all women (“in numbers too big to ignore”, as Ms. Reddy might remind us). Fortunately, here, too we have women and gay men, and now — per the commercial — many righteous Black men available to tell us once again what to do, and how to act, and what to think.

    In fact, what we see over and over and over again is that Men are Conveniently Rotten Stereotypes (White men in particular, per the exceedingly racist Gillette): men are sick cartoons. Men, quite obviously, are two-dimensional apes: Homer Simpson, Jay Pritchett, Archie Bunker, Snidely Whiplash (all of them, according to the rabid #metooers) potential Ted Bundys driving Rape Epidemics & Endless Oppression.

    This is all insane. And it would be ludicrous if it weren’t so deadly serious….and weren’t so universally applied as Woke Truths to 150M men and masculinity as a whole.

    In the end what is left is outrage.

    No, that is not me; that is not my brother, my father, my grandfathers, or my sons. That is not us. We are not the pathetic woebegone, looking sadly & shamefully into our mirrors, filled with angst & self-disgust at who we are and evidently – per Gillette & 4th Wave Feminism — have always been. We are not the White ‘Massah’ in the sitcom kitchen leering & lunging at the pretty, Black maid. We are not the arms-crossed Dagwoods, watching a beating, shrugging “boys being boys”, playing grabass on the street until corrected by the woke Black man: “not cool, man, not cool”. No. Not at all; not ever. NO!

    What Gillette has produced with its 2 minute scold is misandric propaganda. Pure & simple. Goebbels would be proud.

    With a Stepford script written by the New Red Guard, we indict an entire gender (well, all but the few ‘woke’…who are not nearly “enough”). Now, we are told it is time for Men to be enlightened. Now, we are told, it is time to be ReEducated: to think only right thoughts, to say only right things, and to act in only the right manner….because “the boys watching today” must become, per the Progressively Post-Modern Left, the gender fluid of tomorrow.

    Now is the time, in other words, to be very afraid. Now is the time to say NO.

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