Day: January 6, 2022

The Emory Law Journal Abandons Scholarship for Wokeism

Editor’s Note: After this article was published, Emory University and others responded to the Emory Law Journal controversy in general and to this article in particular. To read Louis Bonham’s follow-up response to these responses, click here. Another year, another incident of fundamental scholarship principles being sacrificed in favor of “feelings” and the woke agenda—and […]

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American Health Care and the Unconscious Bias Bogeyman

Over the 2021 holiday season, Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed care organization in the United States, quietly conducted a mandatory training targeting its California employees in the name of “Providing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services in California.” Filled with boilerplate progressive jargon including “unconscious bias,” “diversity and equity,” “racial disparities,” and “systemic barriers,” the training […]

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