Everything Is Not Ok

When 2022’s Congressional Fads Mirror Nazi Germany

Everything is not ok in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Recent laws, such as the legalization of recreational marijuana, a drug that negatively affects cognitive functioning, and the legalization of gay “marriage,” a precariously codified bill, were evil and well received by evil men. It is high time we realize the imminent danger in both our educational systems and our government.

The amount of negligence in Washington, D.C. is straight out of Lois Lowry’s The Giver or George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Both books have one common thread: control of the innocent and the naive. Recently, spineless Republicans in the Senate allowed the Respect for Marriage Act to pass, which, ironically, disenfranchises those who are traditionally married. Now President Biden has signed this relatively redundant bill into law. It paves the way for the United States government to oppress Judeo-Christian religious institutions for eschewing LGBTQ+ unions and bolsters university participation in dangerously fictitious ideas.

Who is to say that the government will not come after you, or your family, for dissenting? It is already happening. Countrymen are being jailed for religiously protesting Planned Parenthood clinics, their civic right, while school boards refuse to remove pornographic literature from children’s libraries. Churches are being burned for upholding ancient doctrines whose virtues are the cornerstone of Western societies. Washington fiddles as “We the People” burn, and all this rhetoric is predicated upon the infamous antagonist: inclusion.

But this is not new. Since 1970, and I would argue earlier, education has been pushing gender ideology. The University of Arizona (UA) has aided in this push.

UA, a land-grant university funded by taxpayer dollars and skyrocketing tuition costs, unveiled what it calls its “new health reimbursement arrangement for gender-affirming surgery and fertility treatments.” And who is paying for this criminal offense against our youth? You. Every time you pay your child’s college tuition, and your taxes, you support mutilating young people. But we all must pay our taxes, right? What if we stopped doing so? If the money well runs dry, the corruption will die.

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Sadly, when the majority rules, it sets a precedent. Therefore, to save our own lives, we fall in line like the Jews did during a bad game of playground holocaust. Could gender ideology, the LGBTQ+ agenda, and gender-affirming surgery, wrapped up in a bow of inclusion, be repackaged Nazi propaganda?

If you think these are minor issues, do a quick Google search, or simply turn on your television to Disney+. You’ll find the programing suggestive, to say the least. Websites like campuspride.org promote universities that support gender-affirming surgeries. Even a quick skim of Arizona State University’s Aetna Student Health policy, which is proudly stamped by the Arizona Board of Regents, yields search results for healthcare designed to mutilate students.

The goal is not to treat underrepresented minority groups fairly—it is to destroy the traditional family. Meanwhile, We the People are doing nothing. We are guilty of our own demise. We have apathetically repeated the “you-do-you” mantra at the expense of our children’s mental health. Instead of recognizing mental issues as issues, and giving the mentally ill the help they need, we have callously normalized their defective “-isms” for financial gain. I am not a fortune teller, and I am not a defeatist, but I am afraid we might be seeing the beginnings of another genocide.

Robert C. Robbins, Stanford University graduate and UA president, is leading this charge in Arizona. Ironically, he is a physician, and he has most likely ignored the high suicide rate among recipients of gender-affirming surgeries. In the name of “science,” MDs like Robbins gladly accept monetary kickbacks, even if it means mutilating young people. Like the pigs in Animal Farm, those at the top control the populace, and pigs they are. Lest we forget that, also in the name of science, Hitler killed millions. You could be next.

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The pathology of the mind is an underdeveloped science compared to other fields of medicine, having only been accepted since the late nineteenth century. In recent memory, the American Psychological Association removed homosexuality from its list of mental illnesses because of political pressure. In my opinion, this was a mistake, and now we are seeing its ramifications.

1930s Germany brought the Nazi regime to power, which aimed to purify the world with false utopian ideas. Their cause was purely political gain. Religious freedoms were stayed at the expense of millions of Jewish lives, Catholic lives, black lives, and so on. As a Catholic, I can only turn to those men of the Church who, sadly, harbor many of these Leftist sentiments, albeit because of political pressure, within their ranks, yet have still managed to display a small shred of virtue consistent with Christian values in recent commentary.

In an article published by the Catholic News Service, Cardinal Dolan of New York, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee for Religious Life, and Bishop Robert Barron of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota, chairman of the Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life, and Youth, are quoted as saying, “The amended act will put the ministries of the Catholic Church, people of faith and other Americans who uphold a traditional meaning of marriage at greater risk of government discrimination.” Barron further emphasizes that he is “gravely disappointed.” Both agreed that “… the bill will be used to argue that the government has a compelling interest in forcing religious organizations and individuals to treat same-sex civil marriages as valid.”

I would take this argument a step further and say that the government will jail, and perhaps do away with, anyone who opposes sexual deviance in the name of God. When will people say, “enough is enough”? The evil politicians enacting this legislation are the Pied Pipers of inclusion politics, leading us straight into the gas chambers of the new tyrannical oppression, except this time, it will not be uniformed men of the Third Reich who do the deed. It will be Rachel Levine and “her” entourage of drag queens from the local children’s library, backed by the FBI, gassing us to death in our own churches and schools. The scariest part is that while Americans worry about what gender they are, they are missing the very makings of a new genocide right at home.

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    Zachary James Bramble is an American composer, pianist, and tenor, holding a DMA in Music Composition and a Doctoral minor in Opera Performance from the University of Arizona, where he studied under Daniel Asia's tutelage. He also holds an MBA with a focus in accounting from University of Phoenix. Bramble owns and operates BookSmarts Bookkeeping & Tax Services, a full-service accounting firm in Tucson, Arizona. He also maintains a private music education studio, educating community members in music composition, piano, and voice. Bramble currently acts as the National Association of Scholars Arizona Chapter President.

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6 thoughts on “Everything Is Not Ok

  1. The author states that “Republicans in the Senate allowed the Respect for Marriage Act to pass [true], which, ironically, disenfranchises those who are traditionally married [how, exactly?].”

    The author then laments that Biden signed this “relatively redundant bill into law.” If this “evil” law is “relatively redundant”, how does it newly disenfranchise traditionally married people?

    He goes on to conclude that “It paves the way for the United States government to oppress Judeo-Christian religious institutions for eschewing LGBTQ+ unions and bolsters university participation in dangerously fictitious ideas.”

    The Dems versions of this law certainly did just that. However, the version that actually passed does quite the opposite, explicitly and clearly (re)articulating that the free expression and action of conscience of individuals and organizations who do not abide by same-sex marriage cannot be punished by the State. I agree that this does not prevent the Left from trying and we must be vigilant against that.

  2. Zachary Bramble’s article is a good read/reality check on “Progressive” ideologues institutionalizing evil. Yes, it takes a village to normalize the transformation of boys into eunuchs and girls to bearded ladies!

  3. Wow. Hitlerian genocide on the way, doctor’s orders. This is paranoid lunacy. This website risks discrediting itself. The National Association of Scholars has been getting out there, but this is way beyond.

    1. While we should certainly oppose the Leftist agenda its use of the power of the state to compel fealty to ideology (and learn from history), this indeed borders on paranoid lunacy.

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