Author: Clark Whelton

Clark Whelton was a speechwriter for New York City mayors Ed Koch and Rudy Giuliani.

Why NYU Subsidizes a Harvard Professor

Why is New York University giving a sweetheart deal on an apartment in Manhattan’s hottest neighborhood to a professor from Harvard? Henry L. Gates, known to friends and colleagues as “Skip,” is an academic superstar, a leading intellectual in the realm of African-American studies, a noted critic and author and a sometime TV personality. Gates […]

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Vague-Talking and the Loss of English

In the mid-1980s, American English was overwhelmed by a linguistic mutation that transferred the burden of verbal communication fraom speaker to listener.  Because it sidestepped the need for vocabulary and clarity, and because its shapeless syntax shielded speakers from the risk of saying something insensitive or incorrect, this new mode of expression won rapid acceptance, jumping […]

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