Author: Gregory J. Rummo

Gregory J. Rummo is Lecturer of Chemistry in the School of Arts and Sciences at Palm Beach Atlantic University, former CEO of New Chemic (US), Inc., and a Contributing Writer for The Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

C.S. Lewis On Atomic Theory and the Cross of Christ

“It is the glory of God to conceal things, but the glory of kings is to search things out.” Proverbs 25:2 (ESV)  In Europe, at the turn of the twentieth century, great advances were being made in atomic theory. In 1904, the British physicist and Nobel laureate Sir Joseph John Thomson, who had discovered the […]

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Are We Living in a Christ-Animating Simulation?

One of the laboratory procedures we teach to first-year general chemistry students involves measuring the wavelengths of the visible emission spectra of several elements including hydrogen, helium, neon, and mercury. I begin my class with a short, non-conventional lecture that includes the trailer from The Matrix.  It is fitting to introduce the basic principles of […]

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Helping Gen Z Do Science: Cultivating the Written Word

I remember as a college freshman seeing a cartoon taped on the door of one of the physics labs in Cornelia Hall at Iona College. It showed a student complaining to his professor, saying, “I really understand the material, I just can’t do the problems.” It’s not rocket science to understand why GenZers are struggling […]

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Teaching Science Students to Think Critically About EVs and to Peek Behind the Curtain

In one of the laboratory classes I teach, students learn techniques to separate heterogenous mixtures of solids. One procedure involves the separation of sodium chloride from beach sand by mixing the solid mixture in water, filtering the resulting slurry to remove the sand and evaporating the water to recover the sodium chloride. In a second […]

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When a Chemistry Journal Publishes a Sociologist on Climate and Energy

In an April 25, 2022 Chemical and Engineering News article, Holly Jean Buck, a “development sociologist,” expresses some peculiar views about fossil fuels that go beyond climate change. It is surprising to find them purveyed in a journal not of sociology or politics but of chemistry and engineering. For starters, Buck maintains, “achieving net-zero emissions […]

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