Author: Jay Bergman

Jay Bergman is a professor of history at Central Connecticut State University and serves on the National Association of Scholars' Board of Directors.

King, Kendi, and the Good People of Guilford, Connecticut

Editor’s Note: This essay originally stated that the population of Guilford, Connecticut is “just over 77,000.” The population is, in fact, around 22,000. We have edited the piece accordingly. Like many readers of Minding the Campus, I am despondent over the corruption of K-12 education in America. It seems to have inherited all that is […]

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Let’s Require Courses in Western Civilization

From the National Association of Scholars’ 100 Great Ideas for Higher Education  *** Every American should know Western civilization, of which American culture and political institutions are an integral part. By Western civilization I mean the constellation of ideas, political arrangements, ethical precepts, and ways of organizing society and the economy that are traceable to […]

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