Author: Jay Bergman

Jay Bergman is a professor of history at Central Connecticut State University and serves on the National Association of Scholars' Board of Directors.

Silence and Violence

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by the Boston Herald on October 22, 2023, and published by the New Haven Register on October 25, 2023. “O Moslems, O Abdulla, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him.” In this injunction in Article Seven of the Hamas Covenant, ratified in 1988, one finds […]

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Ending Affirmative Action is Good for Everyone

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States declaring unconstitutional affirmative-action preferences in college and university admissions is a vindication of the noble objectives of the original Civil Rights Movement, encapsulated in Martin Luther King’s iconic commandment at the Lincoln Memorial in August 1963 that people be judged on the basis of […]

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Successful Suppression of Students’ Free Speech in Connecticut

Last week the student chapter of Turning Point USA at Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) attempted to show on campus a film, “The Greatest Lie Ever Sold: George Floyd and the Rise of BLM,” produced by The Daily Wire and narrated by Candace Owens. Fifteen minutes into the film, before an audience of approximately fifty […]

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Soviet-Style Surveillance at a Connecticut University

Last month, in a statement issued by its Office of Equity and Inclusion, Central Connecticut State University established a new policy designating faculty, administrators, and nearly all other employees as “mandated reporters.” In that capacity, they are required to report to this office any information they come across pertaining to “gender-based discrimination.”  Infractions indicative of […]

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King, Kendi, and the Good People of Guilford, Connecticut

Editor’s Note: This essay originally stated that the population of Guilford, Connecticut is “just over 77,000.” The population is, in fact, around 22,000. We have edited the piece accordingly. Like many readers of Minding the Campus, I am despondent over the corruption of K-12 education in America. It seems to have inherited all that is […]

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Let’s Require Courses in Western Civilization

From the National Association of Scholars’ 100 Great Ideas for Higher Education  *** Every American should know Western civilization, of which American culture and political institutions are an integral part. By Western civilization I mean the constellation of ideas, political arrangements, ethical precepts, and ways of organizing society and the economy that are traceable to […]

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