Author: Kurt Hofer

Kurt Hofer holds a PhD in Spanish Golden Age literature and teaches history in a Los Angeles-area independent school.

Twenty Years After 9/11, a History Teacher Learns the Fallacy of Operation Locke and Awe

The way we teach history matters. If nothing else, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught us that. Natural rights, it turns out, don’t always come naturally; when given the free choice, people will not always choose the same universal truths that we, as Americans, hold to be “self-evident.” Universal reason isn’t as universal […]

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Trump and the Fight for the History Classroom

If the Trump Presidency has taught national conservatives anything, it’s that we must take the offensive in the culture wars and not lay supine, politely beseeching tolerance from our foes; it’s that the libertarian strategy of enlightened pluralism will not be brooked by an ever more implacable foe. This is why President Trump’s September 17th […]

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