Author: Martin Morse Wooster

Martin Morse Wooster is a senior fellow at the Capital Research Center and the author of Great Philanthropic Mistakes, published by the Hudson Institute.

MacArthur “Genius” Grants—Left Activists Still Big Winners

In the mid-1990s, the MacArthur Fellows Program, commonly referred to as the “genius grants,” appeared to be captured by the multicultural, race-and-gender left.  But the program director that embraced the radical left, Catharine Stimpson, left the MacArthur Foundation in 1996 after only four years.  Her successor, Daniel Socolow, severely restricted the fellowships going to liberal […]

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Robertson V. Princeton — Who Really Won?

The nearly six-year-old lawsuit between the heirs of donors Charles and Marie Robertson and Princeton University over who controls the assets of the Robertson Foundation has been settled. Princeton has now acquired most of the Robertson Foundation’s endowment, enabling it to exercise control over the foundation’s assets, which amount to between $600 and $700 million, […]

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Donors – Remember Princeton

The case of the Robertson Foundation versus Princeton University has not, after nearly five years of litigation, yet come to trial. But it’s already shaping up to be the most expensive donor intent case in history. Reports of spending by the Robertson family differ, but news reports indicate the family may have spent as much […]

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