campus political bias

No, Mr. Mayor, Outside Organizers Are Not Responsible for Student Radicalism

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on May 6, 2024 and is crossposted here with permission. In his May 1 press conference on the university student demonstrations, occupations, and riots, New York City Mayor Eric Adams blamed outside professional organizers for radicalizing our young people in universities in New York, on campuses throughout […]

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When University Leaders Won’t Lead

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Dissident Professor on May 7, 2024 and is crossposted here with permission. There are a number of college campus protests going on right now, and they will likely continue in some form for some time. You may be sympathetic, or you may object on a number of very legitimate […]

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At Yale, ’Politics Is Imposed on Everything We Read’

Because my English professors at Yale are largely liberal, the political message in my classes is always the same: Trump is a demagogue, American society is doomed, and English literature is our refuge. The liberal domination of the classroom is one problem, but even if the Academy reached political equilibrium, the imposition of politics into […]

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The Alarming Decline of U.S. Political History

One of the year’s most important essays on higher education appeared earlier this week in The New York Times op-ed page. Historians Fredrick Logevall and Kenneth Osgood wrote of the decline of U.S. political history. “The public’s love for political stories,” they correctly noted, “belies a crisis in the profession. American political history as a field of […]

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Political Tests for Faculty?

What’s going on when a public university feels entitled to ask potential faculty members questions clearly aimed at ferreting out their political and social commitments? Such questions, reminiscent of loyalty oaths and the demands of totalitarian regimes would seem to have no place in an educational institution in modern-day America.  But for some years now, […]

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