A Peculiar Performance by the Chronicle

The mainstream media seem to be studiously ignoring Naomi Schaefer Riley’s summary banishment on May 7 as a blogger for the Chronicle of Higher Education. She had written a post severely criticizing black studies programs at universities and suggesting that they be eliminated. But some media people who cover the media online, though they are […]

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Writer Purged for Causing Distress

Taking note of a posting by Naomi Schaefer Riley, John Rosenberg took a hard look at what passes for cutting-edge scholarship in Black Studies–and wasn’t impressed with what he found. Rosenberg’s post became all the timelier when the Chronicle announced that it had removed Riley from the Brainstorm blog. In an editor’s note that could […]

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VERITAS In The Chronicle

The Chronicle of Higher Education today reports on our VERITAS Fund’s latest partnership, with the Jack Miller Center. Campus centers that support traditional teaching about America’s founding will get a $2-million infusion from two organizations that have been instrumental in starting some of the centers. Most of the money will be used for centers that […]

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