We Must Embrace Higher Ed Reform

The History Channel’s popular series “The Men Who Built America” portrays an incredibly wealthy – yet worried – John D. Rockefeller. Rockefeller, who earned much of his vast fortune by producing and refining kerosene, was facing competition not from rival magnates – the Carnegies or Vanderbilts – but from the likes of Thomas Edison and […]

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Higher Ed’s Non-Revolution of the 90s

Think back. What was the revolutionary technological advance of the 1990s that we thought pointed the way to the future of higher education?  It was “interactive television,” of course! Interactive television was at the center of the revolution in education called “distance learning.”  It would connect classrooms within a city, state, or even (with some […]

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Has the Higher-Ed Revolution Begun?

It’s happening, almost overnight: what could be the collapse of the near-monopoly that traditional brick-and-mortar colleges and universities currently enjoy as respected credentialing institutions whose degrees and grades mean something to employers. The most dramatic development, just a few days ago, was the decision of robotics-expert Sebastian Thrun to resign from his position as a […]

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