Day: February 7, 2012

The Flaw in this Racial Hoax: She Spelled One Name Right–Her Own

Another racial hoax on campus surfaced this week, this one at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  WTMJ reported on Feb 2nd that a noose had been found in a residence hall on the previous afternoon, then threatening notes had been sent to the person who reported the initial incident the next morning, along with other African American […]

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The Outrage of the Adjuncts

Ever heard of the New Faculty Majority? That’s a euphemism of sorts, but an accurate one, for adjuncts and other non-tenure-track teachers who now account for 70 percent of all college instructors. The group is three years old and met for a premiere “summit” in Washington, DC. on January 28th in conjunction with the annual […]

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