Day: May 12, 2014

A Tradition of Mindless Protests at Rutgers

Universities have two contradictory traditions: one of searching for truth and, alongside it, one of mindless, self-righteous protests. The Rutgers University protests against giving Condoleezza Rice an honorary degree at the 2014 Commencement belongs to the second tradition.  Having served on the Rutgers faculty from 1951 to 2003, I know that this demonstration was not […]

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A Low Point at High Point University

Out of North Carolina come some disturbing new details about a death on the campus of High Point University. In March 2012, Robert Eugene Tipton, Jr., a student at the school, died while in the company of several brothers of his Delta Sigma Phi fraternity. Tipton’s family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit which claims […]

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