Day: November 16, 2014

Accreditor Finally Awakens, Notices UNC Scandal

When the history of folly in college accreditation is written, the Southern  Association of Colleges and Schools will command attention for its outstanding mishandling of academic fraud at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Nearly three weeks after news broke of the imaginary classes and unearned marks for athletes at UNC, the accreditor acted–by […]

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Are College Degrees the New Taxi Medallions?

In 2011 two of New York City’s prized taxi car medallions sold for $1 million dollars apiece. In June 2013, another went for $1,050,000. These high prices weren’t terribly surprising, since taxi drivers can only legally pick up passengers if they possess medallions. Some are beginning to think of college degrees in similar terms. As […]

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