The War Against White People

Anti-white hate is now mainstream American culture. Not just by racial extremists such as Black Lives Matter, for whom statements such as “all lives matter” or “blue lives matter” are racist. Our highest leaders sing the same song.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama said of working class, white voters in 2008, “They get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” Not to be outdone by Obama, Hillary Clinton castigated half of Donald Trump supporters as “a basket of deplorables” who were “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic—you name it.” Clinton was not talking about Trump’s black, Asian, and Hispanic supporters; she was talking about millions of his white supporters and her fellow citizens.

And what could be more mainstream than the New York Times? In 2018 it appointed Sarah Jeong to its editorial board. Jeong was born in South Korea in 1988 and emigrated at the age of three when her parents came to the United States to study. She became a U.S. citizen in 2017. Jeong, a graduate of the University of California Berkeley and Harvard Law School, had expressed publicly many interesting opinions about white people. Here are only a few:

“Dumbass f***ing white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants.”

It’s “kind of sick how much joy I get out of being cruel to old white men.”

I’m “just imagining being white and waking up every morning with a terrible existential dread about how I have no culture.”

“Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically only being fit to live underground like groveling bilious goblins?”

 “Have you ever tried to figure out all the things that white people are allowed to do that aren’t cultural appropriation? There’s literally nothing.”

“The world could get by just fine with zero white people.”

The Growing Threat of Repressive Social Justice]

The Times Explains:

The Times said Jeong did not really mean those mean things she said. Jeong herself said, “As a woman of color on the internet, I have faced torrents of online hate,” so her statements were just a ‘right back at you’ response. Usually, the Times is very tough when employees say things they disagree with. Perhaps vilifying whites is not something it disagrees with. As well, there were many defenses of Jeong by “progressive” writers, such as Beauchamp at Vox, and Reihan Salam at The Atlantic.

It is surprising that Jeong, who has benefitted by taking degrees at two of America’s greatest universities and been hired by the premier American newspaper, should hold whites in such animus. It would be difficult to make a case that Jeong herself has been disadvantaged by racism. Even less justifiable by discrimination are the cases of whites who have made anti-white declarations. A white Rutgers professor, James Livingston, shared on Facebook his feelings about whites:

OK, officially, I now hate white people. I am white people, for God’s sake, but can we keep them — us — us out of my neighborhood? I just went to Harlem Shake on 124 and Lenox for a Classic burger to go, that would be my dinner, and the place is overrun by little Caucasian assholes who know their parents will approve of anything they do. Slide around the floor, you little shithead, sing loudly, you unlikely moron. Do what you want, nobody here is gonna restrict your right to be white. I hereby resign from my race. Fuck these people.

The debate at Rutgers and beyond about whether Livingston’s words were racism or free speech was not very enlightening, in part because they were both free speech and racism. From his comments, it appears that Livingstone was more irritated by teenagers than by whites. So why did he not complain about teenagers, as most of us parents do, rather than attack them as white? The answer must go deeper than a discussion about racism vs. free speech.

[The Feminist Mission to Undermine Heterosexuality]

Dreaming of White Genocide

One final example. On Christmas Eve 2016, Professor George Ciccariello of Drexel University in Philadelphia, “was” in the words of CNN “dreaming not of a white Christmas, but of a white massacre.” What were Professor Ciccariello’s words? “All I Want for Christmas is White Genocide.”

How did we get to this place, in which hating white people, the majority of Americans, not to mention wishing them all murdered, is deemed a virtue? The answer is that our liberal democratic culture emphasizing individual freedom and equality has transitioned, particularly among university and media elites in large cities and on the coasts, to a new culture that classifies and treats people by race, gender, sexuality, and ethnicity. Some observers have called this new culture “victimhood culture,” others have called it “diversitarian culture,” but most generally it is referred to as “social justice” culture.

“Social justice” culture replaces the individual with census categories and ranks these categories on a hierarchy of power and a converse hierarchy of virtue. Categories are distinguished between those with power, which are oppressor categories, and those without, which are victim categories. Intersectionism is a tool encouraging the accumulation of credits for belonging to multiple victim categories.

The origins of “social justice” culture are in the 1970s. The Women’s Movement of the previous decade morphed into the ever more radical Feminist Movement, which framed social relations in the gross categories of patriarchal male oppressors and blameless female victims. Understanding and knowledge were deemed to be “positional,” biased by one’s social position, so that no man could understand women, and, as the discussion developed, no middle-class woman could understand a working-class woman, and no white woman could understand a woman of color, no urban woman of color could understand a rural woman of color, and so on ad infinitum reductio ad absurdum.

Identity and subjectivity became the standard for knowledge, with science, especially biology, rejected, and objectivity derided: “Objectivity is just male subjectivity.” Feminism thus contributed to postmodernism the rejection of objectivity and celebration of subjectivity. “Truth” no longer exists; “each person has her own truth.”

By the 1970s, some of the 1960s counter-culture and anti-war activists had become professors, and some among them became the last people in the world to believe in Marxism. From that time, Marxist anthropology, Marxist sociology, Marxist political science, and Marxist geography became an important fixture in universities, where Marxism remains today, sometimes camouflaged by post-USSR labels such as “critical anthropology” or “political ecology.”

[Race and Gender Studies Kick Shakespeare Out of Class]

The Marxist idea of opposed economic classes, capitalists and proletarians, which in theory drove history through their conflicts, while not popular with the American public of any class, contributed to “social justice” culture the idea of oppression between category classes.

Assumptions Can’t Be Challenged

Feminism and Marxism in teaching, research, and scholarship sought out illustrations to confirm their unquestioned presumptions. Neither feminism nor Marxism has been open to evidence that might challenge conclusions or raise doubts about their assumptions. In this sense, they are not frames of open research, but self-validating ideologies that cannot be questioned. Both are political programs, and their advocates activists; both are meant not to understand the world, but to change it. Marx was quite clear on this: “The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it.”

“Social justice” ideology has absorbed the legions of feminism and Marxism, classing people in gross demographic categories: male, female; white, black, other people of color; hetero, homo, bi, trans; Christians, Jews, Muslims, South Asians, etc. Categories are then ranked in power: males, whites, heteros, and Christians have power and are oppressors of those without — females, non-whites, LGBT, Muslims. The point of “social justice” ideology is to undercut the power and oppression structure, to relieve the powerful of their sinful oppression, and the oppressed of their terrible wounds. This is seen as an ethical fight: virtue is with “social justice” activists working for the welfare of the belabored, and against the power of the oppressors. Opponents of “social justice” are deemed to be evil.

However, individuals are regarded as evil not because of their attitudes or actions, but because of the structural position of the category to which they belong. White skin is equated with white supremacism. In fact, it is well documented that individual prejudice has declined remarkably, as shown in repeated surveys, and in interactions, e.g., the rapid growth of interracial marriages.

But this cuts no ice with “social justice” activists who argue that whites are still superordinate and therefore are, by virtue of being white, racist. Sociologists have helpfully invented the concept of “structural racism” to describe the statistical advantages on average that whites have over blacks.

One principle useful to activists that comes from this is that whites are deemed racist even if they are not personally prejudiced and do not discriminate because they belong to the powerful oppressors. In contrast, blacks, Asians, or non-white Hispanics who hate white people are not racist, because they do not have power. Thus, uniquely, whites are evil racists.

“Social justice” theorists have concluded that any statistical differences in status or assets between whites and blacks must be due to discrimination. This is unproven, as there are at least a number of other important influences that have not been taken into account and assessed as alternative explanations. One reason to doubt the discrimination explanation is that other unpopular minority populations are highly overrepresented in universities and prestigious professions. Furthermore, the historical facts are that blacks, Hispanics, and females have for decades received preferential treatment, being granted admittances and jobs at the expense of better qualified white male and Asian candidates.

[How Nine Universities Pander to Campus Radicals]

“Social justice” theorists consider no alternative explanations of racism, and, in their view, denial of racism proves racism. The “social justice” solution is to ensure that all minorities are given preference in all jobs, positions, and organizations, at least until they reach their percentage of the population in every organization, irrespective of individual talent, achievement, merit, and suitability. This forced equality of result is dignified by terms such as “diversity” and “inclusion,” although for everyone included because of his race, someone else is excluded because of her race, for everyone included because of her gender, someone else is excluded because of his gender, and for everyone included because they belong to an “underrepresented minority,” others with superior credentials will be excluded. That is “social justice” “inclusion”!

No Concern for Truth

The epicenter of “social justice” is colleges and universities, which have jettisoned the impartial quest for truth, and replaced it with gender, race, and sexual preferences and advocacy, and restrictions on speech lest someone have to hear ideas that he or she disagrees with or have one’s feelings hurt. It is not an accident that two of the white anti-white haters quoted above are university professors, and that the other anti-white hater has two degrees from elite universities.

There are entire identity “disciplines,” such as women’s studies, black studies, and queer studies, whose raison d’etre is to advocate for females, blacks, and LGBTs. Their narrative has been adopted wholesale in the humanities, especially English and history, and the social sciences, especially sociology, an early adopter, and anthropology. In Canada “Indigenous Studies” rules, with whites labeled “colonialist settlers.”

Ditto the Canadian humanities and social sciences. And since most North American university administrators come from the “progressive” social sciences and humanities, they are fully onside with making “social justice” the priority, even appointing legions of “social justice” administrators, given such titles as “diversity and inclusion officers.” This “progressive” corruption of universities, however, is leaking into the rest of society, undermining liberal democratic values.

“Social justice” advocacy always entails vilification of whites, males, and heterosexuals. In the intersectional sweepstakes, white hetero males are awarded minus three points, which means three points of oppressor evil, while black lesbian females are awarded plus three points, three points of victimhood virtue. White straight females do not do much better than white males, granted minus two points, two steps down into oppressor evil.

[How Social Justice Undermines True Diversity]

Increasingly, courses are offered that focus directly on whites and men, but not to celebrate them. Reformed leftist and culture critic David Horowitz told the Washington Post in 2013, “Black studies celebrates blackness, Chicano studies celebrates Chicanos, women’s studies celebrates women and white studies attacks white people as evil.”

University of Kansas students will soon be able to study the rise of the “angry white male.”

The college course, called Angry White Male Studies, will dive into “the deeper sources of this emotional state while evaluating recent manifestations of male anger” in the United States and Britain since the 1950s.

The course catalog description states: “Employing interdisciplinary perspectives this course examines how both dominant and subordinate masculinities are represented and experienced in cultures undergoing periods of rapid change connected to modernity as well as to rights-based movements of women, people of color, homosexuals and trans individuals.”

Not to be outdone, Webster University plans a re-education camp, a la Communist China and North Korea:

Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, with the beginning of the spring semester in full swing, plans to operate a “safe space” in the fall of 2019 for recovering white people to admit that they are, by virtue of being white, anti-black racists. Only whites are welcome in these meetings, where students can confess to their racism and their white privilege. Note that it is presumed that being racist is simply part of Caucasian DNA, and since “students of color” can’t be racist, they have no need to go to such meetings.

Vincent Flewellen, chief diversity officer (and by virtue of his being the “chief” officer of diversity at Webster University, it is obvious that there are multiple staff involved in such work, which explains partly why tuition continues to rise at American colleges and universities), is developing a program, based on a book entitled Witnessing Whiteness: The Need to Talk About Race and How to Do It.

[How Social Justice Undermines True Diversity]

At Arizona State University, a course labeled “The Problem of Whiteness” is “concerned with dismantling white supremacy in part by understanding how whiteness is socially constructed and experienced.” The professor expanded on this theme: “White supremacy makes it so that white people can’t see the world they have created.”

Some Whites May Have to Die

The University of Georgia graduate student and teaching assistant has expressed strong views about whites:

Osei-Frimpong is outspoken on social media and on his YouTube series The Funky Academic. In one example of a comment that has since been held against him as racist or violent, Osei-Frimpong said that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be whole in this struggle to advance freedom.” The California native also once said that he feels as if he’s around a “bunch of sociopaths” among whites in the South. [Emphasis added.]

What are the chances that he has not expressed anti-white views in his teaching?

According to the Washington Post, thirty or more American universities, including Princeton, UCLA, New Mexico, U of M Amherst have offered courses in whiteness studies. Teaching and research often overlap with other anti-Western themes, such as postcolonialism and orientalism. Anti-racist activists are prominent in the field.

A central concept in whiteness studies is so-called “white privilege,” which all whites allegedly benefit from, and which makes all whites racists. It is common today for white university students to be told to “check your privilege,” and to defer to students of color. For example, At the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, “the university’s Office of Student Life papered the campus with posters inviting students to “check your privilege” and listing examples of privilege such as being white, male, able-bodied, heterosexual, Christian or a native English speaker.”

What objections can be raised to “white studies”? The comments quoted at the beginning of this essay show that critiques of white people easily morph into hatred of white people and anti-white hate speech, skating on the edge of inciting violence against whites, even to the point of praising the prospect of white genocide.

There are also legitimate objections to the kind of analysis offered by “social justice” advocates. The use of gross census categories, such as gender and race, to explain social patterns is to ignore both individual and category diversities. Individuals in each category range in characteristics over multiple continua, and to treat men or women or white or blacks as of they were all the same is the erasure of individuals and ludicrously crude.

It is obviously ridiculous to say that a working-class white boy raised by a single, poorly educated parent is privileged in relation to a black boy in a middle-class family, brought up by two educated parents. As one parody of “wokeness” puts it, “Only last weekend we berated a white homeless man sitting outside Taco Bell for his appalling lack of self-awareness regarding not only his own privilege but his flagrant disrespect towards cultural appropriation.”

To treat gross census categories as if the only possible difference between categories is power flies in the face of everything we know about human cultures. Different cultures, or racial and gender sub-cultures, convey different assumptions, beliefs, values, and goals. It is undeniable that some cultures strongly encourage education and entrepreneurship, while other cultures are less oriented in those directions.

The great racial injustice claimed by “social justice” enthusiasts is an artifact of demanding equality of results in all areas of life, and labeling as “institutional racism” the lack of equality of results. But results in each field come from motivations, capacities, and dedication, and the choices that individuals and members of populations make. Claiming that differential results is solely, or even mainly a result of racism is an injustice to people’s choices and contributions, and a denial of truth and reality.

Whites make up the majority in the U.S. and Canada. In a democracy, the will of the majority is supposed to be respected. To vilify, discount, and discriminate against the majority on behalf of much smaller minorities, e.g., blacks make up 13% of the U.S. population, is highly undemocratic. And, for “social justice” advocates who claim the moral principle of absolute equality, how is it an advance of equality and civility to exchange anti-black for anti-white bigotry, and anti-female for anti-male discrimination?


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255 thoughts on “The War Against White People

  1. We have become a nation of labeling. Each of us are our own individual with our own individual thoughts, beliefs, likes and dislikes. What really bothers me the most is what we are looking like to other countries. We are so divided, we as a country have become weak. Countries that hate us don’t have to destroy us, we are doing the work for them, how sad is that! With Covid and everything that have developed because of it like unemployment ect… We are only becoming weaker. Only dictators want us to collapse. They will change our fair voting procedures, offer so many freebies that we can’t afford, raise taxes on the extremely rich to the point it can remove the 1%. Start printing money so inflation skyrockets and the only people that don’t fall below the poverty line is our politicians. If we don’t unite together and we destroy our own home now, then I guess we’ll unite after America falls, just like Venezuela has had to. Our race doesn’t change the facts that we are all from the human race, and that is all that should matter. Stop ALL the hate!

  2. Excellent article that echos what I’ve been saying for years about the media driven racial hysteria lies meant to stir up racial hatred !

  3. the whole white half and mexican half is not recessive genetics the genes are not gone from population

    the genes are just probably waiting lol something like a secret government approval and then the genes will come by but sexual health is having genes bouncing in a way.

  4. It would be impossible to convince me that I had/have “white privilege.”

    My father left my mother and three children when I was 10 year old. My mother went to work and was the sole support of the four of us (my mother was “awarded” a whole $25 a week child support, but my father never paid a dime).

    My father took the car so we three kids had to walk to school and my mother took a cab to work. She worked as a copy writer for a radio station at $1.75 an hour. There was never enough money.

    At 11, I taught myself how to repair bicycles and lawnmowers to earn money for my school lunches. When I was in the 7th grade, I got a (after school) job as a janitor at a night school where I cleaned black boards, beat out erasers, mopped floors, and emptied trash cans — for $2.00 a week.

    When I was in the 8th grade, my mother asked me to help her with our household finances. So I got a paper route — got up every morning around 3:00AM rolled and delivered the papers (on a bicycle I had constructed from parts) and then got ready for school (paper routes were available to black kids too, so I was not “privileged”).

    In high school, I got an after school job at a medical manufacturing company and worked a manual pipe bender that made parts for aluminum Crutches and Walkers. It paid $1.25 an hour. Blacks worked there, too.

    I also worked construction on weekends for $1.00 an hour. Blacks worked on the construction crews, too.

    After high school, I joined the military and when I got out used the G.I. Bill to go to college at night (blacks got the same deal, so no privilege there).

    I worked as an electronics technician during the day (learned it in the military) and after a time saved enough money to start my own business. I ran and expanded that business for 37 years and eventually sold it for enough on which to retire.

    So it would be impossible to convince me that I grew up with/or had “white privilege.”

    And there are millions more like me.

  5. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Why is it okay (suddenly) to be prejudiced against white people, saying all sorts of nasty things and generalizing that all white people are this (racist) and all white people are that (entitled). Why suddenly am I seeing these weird things popping up in my women’s magazines, like recommendations to bookstores because they are “black owned” …as though that makes them “better?” I thought we weren’t supposed to pay so much attention to someone’s background and skin color. We’re all just human beings on this planet together, right? Why is it now that some of us are making such a big flipping deal about what color someone’s skin is…and how one particular color (white) is always the bad one? Yea, I’m pissed! Why shouldn’t I be? I know I’m not a bad person. But suddenly, the whole world is sort of telling me I am, and I should just admit it, damn it!

    1. It’s called karma white lady. If black people did to your people what your people did (and continue to do) to my people, white people would be extinct. Fact. The entire world is against the Caucasian race for a reason and no we are not all human. The Caucasian race is a genocidal, war mongering group of hybrids (part human/part Neanderthal). White people have NEVER atoned for what they have done to the billions of people, animals and plants on earth. Your race has literally defiled the earth for the past ~ 6000 years. You don’t get to destroy nations and walk away blessed. What is even more interesting is the fact that Caucasians don’t see the correlation between their imminent extinction (i.e., the rapid birth death) and GOD. For it is GOD destroying Caucasians, not Black people, not indigenous people, nor aboriginal people.

      1. They are flooding the TV channels as well as advertisements with black people. They are tying to sell to them and put in our face to get used to seeing them more. I switch the channels when I see it. As far as the white people being extinct. Your way off base. God doesn’t kill people. The satanical being does. Look at the Satanical leaders in the African nations who killed their own people for no reason. There was slavery of non-black people long before the blacks were enslaved. Read your history books. Get a broader picture of the history of slavery. The white European people will always be in charge. It’s our nature and intellect.

      2. Brother, I agree 💯 percent with every single thing you said, and it warms my heart to hear my people have such a firm grip on who these mongrels are, and their role for even being created in the first place, 6,000 years ago. Stay informed, stay informing, and stay BLACK! ✊🏾

      3. You think whites are going extinct? LOL…. Fool the sleeping giant is about to awaken and you aint ready for it.

      4. Man, you make me ashamed to be a Black man.

        You have no idea what sort of damage your mindset and your comment will do for our community and our country.

        I really wish I could help you.

      5. Thats about as racist as it gets ! Stop whining, blacks have more rights in America than anyone. Theres no power in being a victim all your life !

      6. Garbage like you thrive on hate because you don’t take responsibility for your own life , the choices you make define who you are. People like you shouldn’t exist just to promote hate and dividision. I pitty you and truly hope you don’t have children to pass on your racist hatred, the world is better off without you.

      7. Oh Maat. You poor, poor unintelligent individual. I can tell by your ignorant comment you know very little about world history.
        I can easy infer from your comment that you do absolutely zero research on your own and zero from credible sources.
        I can tell you are brainwashed and lack accountability for your own actions.

        Let me break this down for you in the simplest of terms… ready?
        1. EVERY single developed country has engaged in slavery.(Guess what, they are not all white people.;))
        2. Slavery still occurs today.
        3. During the black slave trade you would find whites also being enslaved. (Ever heard of indentured servants?l
        4. The Barbary slave trade kidnapped white women and children to become slaves. Yes.. those slave masters were black.
        5: Unlike those Hollywood exaggerations (you so foolishly believe.) most slave owners only had one or two slaves. They were very expensive and were treated as so.
        6. Most African slaves actually went to South America.. not North America.
        7. The largest slave owner was black.
        8. Your communities fail because it is black culture to idolize crime and immoral behavior. That creates a rebound for finding appropriate jobs.
        9. You seem to know very little about those who make up the mass population and how they influenced and used slavery to their benefit.
        10. Go into your ghetto communities and see who really has defiled the earth. You are a violent people who are easily manipulated (clearly.) Basic standards must be lowered to give you a chance. You are literally given positions in the name of diversity.
        You are given grants and scholarships because of your skin.
        Literal handouts and lack of standards have been given to you. You are actually handed success.
        FYI, I would divulge into intelligence levels based on race. Please use cited, legitimate sources. You will really love it.
        You want to see real racism? Visit China.

      8. Black people kill more black people everyday than any race by far, see Chicago. Black women make up 70% of the abortions each year. I’d say blacks are killing themselves. They are 13% of the population but 90% of the problems.

      9. Hello Maat. Thank you for so clearly exemplifying the very same anti-white race hater behavior that Lorelie was lamenting about in her remarks. I presume that you are a ‘person of color’. God I hate that label. I have a tan but I guess that does not count. So I guess we will not be discussing how many of ‘your people’ are killed by other of ‘your people’ each and every day in America, right? I will skip the rubbish in the middle of your statement as, IMHO, it does not deserve a reply, and address the end remarks. To the best of my knowledge, God has not personally killed any Caucasians today. I cannot say the same for ‘people of color’. For the record. I am white and I treat everyone with a smile and a kind wave. If they return the smile, cool. If they do not, that is their problem not mine. No matter what anyone says, if someone is angry with me because I am white, this does not make me racist. Period. If you hate me because of my skin color, that makes you a racist. Period. Have a nice day and try to smile and wave at someone today, instead of throwing fire bombs at them. It will make the world a nicer place to live for everyone.

      10. Anyone familiar with African history, before the colonizers invaded (UK,FR, SP, PO mostly) knows black people exploited, enslaved and killed each other long before the white man showed up. Remember, race as we know it today did not exist as such until the Brits and Americans decided that it would be a very profitable enterprise so they incorporated . Painting all so called caucasians with a singular brush is an injustice to the brown, the caramel, the olive, the tan skin, who also face discrimination, albeit a somewhat milder version than ‘darker’ folks. Racism is evil and racists are not human but hollow, vacuous parasites. That said, a ‘black’ person that thinks all caucasians are evil and exploiters is one that soaked up with blind vigor the ignorance of the white racists he vehemently rallies against.

      11. Jeez, can you spew any more of the Nation of Islam’s black supremacist nonsense?🙄

    2. Well, Lorelei, a substantial number of Americans and even more people around the world would say you’re an unenlightened and self-centered person.
      We live in an age of vengeance; as the Bible says, “The First shall be Last, and the Last shall be First!”
      White- and other conservatives say, “Get over it. Racism existed only in the past,” but then people of color just answer back that racism continues today, as well as the legacy of racism from the past.
      In other words, THIS COUNTRY IS IN A STALEMATE!
      So, what are we gonna do about it?
      The what I call the natural left– non-whites, women, religious minorities, disabled people, and sexually unconventional people (LGBTQ+)– think and feel as they do.
      And so do white conservative Christians and the handful of other conservatives.
      Neither side will reconsider their point of view. (I know– my dad and I had bitter arguments over sociopolitical and religious topics once I became an adult.)
      What to do?
      Feed the country and his naive supporters a line of b.s. to pave the way for trying to steal the 2020 election so he can illegitimate lay hang onto power? (Trump)
      Oh, Trump, the GOP, and the conservative movement believe they are entitled to use ANY MEANS NECESSARY to prevent a Democrat from ever being elected to high office again, especially the presidency. This means the right is willing to violate the Constitution to save it and effect coercive moral reform upon the country.

      1. See, what YOU fail to realize is that there WAS a whole system inflicted on a people who did NOTHING to deserve or instigate that sort of treatment. It went on for MILLENNIA (The white race is only 6,000 years old), and still goes on today, so to Hell with your so-called “Stalemate”! What WE have and have ALWAYS had is the power and protect of The Most High, which is why we’ve not only survived evil in Sub-human form, but we’ve THRIVED and in SPITE of your demonic presence. This is not a “Well, we BOTH have things to be sorry for…!” type situation going on, and you people aren’t gonna get away with it THAT easily! GOD knows what you’ve all done, and you can’t fool HIM/HER!!! 😂😂😂

    1. I love how they thy to “discredit” anything that goes against their ideology by shifting the discussion (red herring fallacy) by using the words, “racist” and “nazi.”

      1. As it relates to them NOT being that! Which to me is the most ironic and hilarious part of the whole thing! They exemplify all of the same thoughts and pattens of a Nazi, but then try to disassociate themselves from them! lol. Hilarious…!

  6. Thank you for this well written essay. I fear now more than ever for the future of my children in the United States because of the hatred towards whites that has been promoted, and introduced by mainstream media, current politicians, and hateful journalists, universities, Hollywood etc. My Armenian ancestors fled the genocide in the 1915s to come to America because of racial hatred, and yet, here we are again.
    I take any hatred of whites being promoted now as the seed to the inevitable genocide that will transpire in 20-30 years. It is a disgusting sentiment. I think any white person that promotes hatred of other whites should be the first to get decapitated when it begins. They should line themselves up on a silver platter for other races first.

    1. Wait, so you think whites who discriminate other whites are the WORST? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 What kinda of drugs do they have over there in Armenia…? They must have some crap called “Kardashian”, because that was some self-serving, “me me me me me” type bullcrap! That’s why Karma has finally come to show y’all how f’ed up your thought processes are! lol. That was RIDICULOUS!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. Karma does not come to those who have not done harm. We do not pay the karma for the actions of another. If so you should be very worried about yourself and the sins of your ancestors.

  7. I used to do Celtic dance. My black co-workers would get really mad at the idea of a bunch of white people celebrating their culture. It was interesting and I could never figure out why they cared so much. This was in the 80’s and 90’s. It’s worst now for sure.

  8. Here’s some truth, straight from the “horse’s mouths”..(but you won’t hear in on mainstream propaganda outlets which they also control).

    ”I’m going to bring down the United States by funding black hate groups. We’ll put them into a mental trap and make them blame white people. The black community is the easiest to manipulate.” ~ George Soros (Interview with Germany’s BILD, Sept 2014)

    👍”Almost all oppression via propaganda is based upon scaring people and then presenting a false choice where the people can either to do what you want them to do, or face some unknown, often purely fictional horror. A successful modern tyrant never presents himself as the thing to be afraid of… Everything to be feared with which you terrorise your peasants must be presented as some outside evil which only you can save them from. One recalls, ‘The people never give up their liberties but under some delusion.’ – Edmund Burke, father of modern media.

    “You must present them with the simple choice between obedience to you and the threat of some unpleasant happening, which does not appear to be of your doing and which you pretend to LAMENT the existence of. A simple example would be making up a plague of some sort, assuring people that millions are doomed to die and then claiming that giving you a lot of money and control is the only hope of averting disaster. Or you can pick up a real disease, grossly exaggerate the risks it poses to the peasants, whip them into a frenzy and then present yourself as their only hope for salvation, which of course, would require you to be given much wealth and power. Recent history gives many examples. Aids, anthrax, mad cow disease etc. Even the common flu could be used to whip up panic in the peasantry.” – How To Be A Tyrant by Larken Rose

    1. I have o be a bit suspicious of that supposed George Soros quote. The wording doesn’t sound like the way Soros talks.
      Sorry, but I think it’s a manufactured quote! 😕

    2. Well, it looks like HE was wrong, because nothing he’s funded ever planned out like that! It’s so funny how Caucasians don’t think we remember all of the acts they STILL perpetrate against black people in this country! 😂 The sheer hilarity that we actually need a WHITE MAN to make us get riled up against this wicked system, is compounded only by the almost gut busting idea that they actually BELIEVE that! They know damned well black people don’t pay any attention to white “supporters” of our movements, and we secretly laugh behind their backs! Think Charles Manson, and how he was gonna start the race war (already going on), and somehow HE was gonna “lead blackie”…! He would’ve been strung up within an HOUR after he and his disgusting clan of feral women were discovered in their “Underground Cave” (ironic that that’s where they’d choose to hide, when you consider the early days of the Caucasian). Have a nice day.

      1. Take accountability for your own behavior. Your communities fail because of your own choices.

  9. I laugh at the idiot millenials who think they are “educated” (LOL!)but cannot form an original thought or debate or even reason. They have no capacity for analysis or objective reasoning. Their education consists of regurgitating what idiot professors told them. Intellectual professors with a moral compass were replaced by 2000 with political shills and they have nothing of value to impart. These are not educated people. I am a European citizen I registered in 2010 when I left the country and obtained an EU passport and residency. I was ready to leave in 2000 so it was a long time coming. I watch from Europe and everyone here thinks millenials are a bunch of uncontrolled moronic monkeys. No one finds them “educated.” They are anti-intellectual in every conceivable way.

      1. Then those that bear them are unreasonable cowards. In order to combat the problem you need to be visible or nothing changes. I understand you were trying to be clever with your reply, however there is nothing clever in cowardice.

    1. Tatiana, how many educated American millenials do you know personally?
      I thought so.
      The “intellectual professors with a moral compass” were, no doubt, conservative, traditionalist, and committed Christians.
      Well, here’s the deal. For millennia, Christians ruled the day, both in Europe and here in the states. In doing so, they stepped on many toes and often created deplorable socioeconomic conditions.
      To make matters exponentially worse, social embitterment was greatly exacerbated by the contrast between the American experience the way it really was/is and the pie-in-the-sky narrative offered by America’s boosters (Republicans, conservatives, evangelicals).
      The true root of perpetual American discord: CHRISTIANITY. Committed Christians simply refuse to reconsider ANY of their doctrinal teachings, no matter the quality and quantity of evidence that gives lie to them.
      That said, I do not approve of communism, hard line socialism, and any other unfree systems. But conservative Americans have been fed a bill of goods by interest groups which conflate moderate, politically democratic progressivism with sinister, genuinely far left ideologies and systems.
      I won’t take up any more space here, but this country is being destroyed by radicals radical conservative individualists!
      I’ll post more later.

      1. This country is and will be destroyed by the leftist communistic politicians letting the liberals do what they want to this country. B.S. rioting on a false narrative of George Floyd. They could care less about him. It was the spark they needed to fane the flames of revolution. From trying to reprogram the young people in schools to the main stream media. War is on the horizon.

      1. You may be surprised to find out who will come out on top! Weapons mean NOTHING when righteousness is at the helm! That’s why white supremacy has to bring out ALL of its force against ONE BLACK MAN!!! The unknown fear of what that man may be capable of, and the desire to give all people like him a display of “power”, is the main motivation behind that type of mass brutality! I love how people who feel it necessary to smear feces and urine through the halls of their own political buildings and structures can wag their disgusting nose pickers at others while making themselves appear “civilized”, and justified in the same disgusting barbarism that has defined their entire existence throughout their 6,000 year period. It’s just pure comedy at this point…! 😂

  10. I moved to England from America 12 years ago and I wasn’t even aware that this blatant widely-accepted anti-white racism existed until George Floyd’s recent death. I have been in a total state of shock the last few months, watching the news and going online and seeing all this hate and racism towards white people. wtf happened?! When I left the USA it wasn’t like this at all. The focus was on equality back then, not shaming and hating certain groups. Seeing this change is disgusting. This American anti-white hate seems to have become openly acceptable about 7 years ago.

    I was planning to move back to the USA, but I have decided not to now. I am SO GLAD that I immigrated now!!! It has turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. When I go out here, I am treated as an equal, just like I was in America in the 90’s and early 2000’s. In fact, my race has never been an issue here at all in England. I have experienced anti-Americanism (especially at first when Bush was still president) but it pales in comparison to the brutal racism I’m seeing online and on tv now.

    My heart really goes out to people dealing with this in America. I’m so sorry. I especially feel for children and teenagers undoubtedly being bullied in schools. I feel very sad for my blue-eyed niece. What will happen to her? I have offered to help my family come here. I am scared for them all. I really recommend immigrating to Europe. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worth it!!! Please keep hope – the whole world is not like this. And hopefully, in America, it is a temporary trend.

    1. Get real lady. During the Obama election hate for white women was rampant. I suppose you are from the South and not New York. Blacks have been allowed to harass white women in New York since 2000. And who cares about blue eyes. I am gorgeous porcelain skin and dark eyes. Seems like you are a white racist. I am not a racist I simply want equality and blacks are not superior either. The UK is the cess pool of Europe. So I wouldn’t go thinking you live somewhere cultured. Continental Europe is far nicer.

    2. I keep up with some news of what goes on in the U.K., and from what I have seen, anti-white hatred over there is just as prevalent there as in America, if not perhaps worse. To the point that THOUSANDS of young English girls/ladies have been targeted and raped by grooming gangs for years for being non-Muslim whites. But nobody (last I heard, though it’s been some months) in charge will dare to say that the problem stems from anti-white racism and religious (Islam) bigotry and ‘superiority.’ They’re too afraid of being called a racist if they point out that it is mostly immigrant men responsible for these atrocities. Welcome to a Western world where being a racist is more evil than being a rapist.

      1. Felicity, I’d be interested to know how many, if any, of your fellow Americans would doubt the veracity of your comments, while offering up stupid, fact free opinion. I live in Warwickshire in the heart of England and I can tell you that you could not be more right. When you say thousands it’s a case of just how many thousands. Pakistani grooming gangs have been guilty of shocking crimes against vulnerable under-age white girls, mostly from care homes. Nothing was done about it for literally decades for reasons of political expediency. The numbers of young girls whose lives have been wrecked are said to be colossal. Nobody doubts it is still going onto this day with the former mill towns and cities of the north particularly badly afflicted but, in truth, anywhere with a sizeable Pakistani community. If the situation was reversed with muslim girls victims of white paedophiles there would be civil war, troops would be deployed.

    3. If the EU is so great, then why the Brexit?

      (I lived in England for 4 years, and while I liked it, I wouldn’t take it over America for any price.)

  11. Fascinating as well, that every problem a black person faces seems to be rooted in how white people have mistreated them.

    1. This article was so validating and reassuring to read. Sometimes I feel as if I’m in the twilight zone with all of this black power, anti-white rhetoric. What can be done? I’m ready to take action to balance things out. You can’t right racism with more racism. It’s making people angry and aggressive.

      1. Thank you, I’m in shock and I sure how to just show that we just should all want the same things in life. Give or take. What can we do? I’m not against other American that I know of. Lots of putting words into people’s mouths does get tiresome.

    2. It is clear that all this rot started in our educational institutions. That is where the left wing plants its poison and destroys anyone calling attention to the poisoning.

      The double-standards whites are held to is all you need to know about the real social evil going on. Whites are blocked from making any criticism of others while others can insult whites and publicly wish them all dead.

      It’s no wonder Trump gets voted in. It’s either the oaf or some sicko on the left who hates the country, will take in hoardes of thankless immigrants with trashy attitudes (Jeong) and who will pander to the communist fists of BLM.

      It’s certainly time for a cultural Revolution as the sick mistreatment, abuse and replacement of whites is only going to get worse with inaction.

      1. Post script: Many law enforcement personnel do not see that anything improper or reckless was done by the officers involved in the George Floyd death.
        They’d also point out that Floyd was anything but a respectable citizen!
        I know; my cousin-in-law is in that profession and has said this.

      2. Ok, so, what would this “cultural revolution” consist of and how would you suggest it be started?
        By force?
        If so, that’s sedition. 😒

    3. Amazing well argued article. You summed up everything I was not able to put into words. How about an update to this article with the aftermath of Riots and terrorism for “justice” after the horrible death of George Floyd. Id love to hear your thoughts on this difficult, frightening revolution and it’s progression a year later. Fantastic work, keep ‘em coming!

    4. Got any good ideas about how to convince all those lefty racial minorities and evil feminist women that they’re wrong?
      🤔 (crickets chirping)
      Thought so.
      Maybe manufacture a whopping lie about how Trump won re-election to gin up support for an outrageously bogus maneuver to steal the 2020 election away from Joe Biden, who the far right falsely paints as a communist.
      Conservs believe they are entitled to do all of this because they’re in a holy war with anybody who isn’t a far right Christian.
      Watch out. The fightin’s just begun!

  12. Thank you for a great article. I needed to read this information. Please, keep your great work, someone needs to tell the other side of the story as our voices are silent.

    1. The current times have revealed much of what is really happening in our country or more importantly what our country has become.white people over the age of 60 remember growing up in a country that was full of promise,we were building rockets to the moon,curing diseases around the world,we had a can do spirit! 80% of all cars and trucks were built in the U.S.aircraft,computers,remember the Sears catalog? its not something that happened over nite! it may have started with constantly being told that being white and or male was a terrible thing,that slavery and misogyny were our may have started with affirmative action that gave preferential treatment to all minorities and half the population women were also viewed as having minority status,this put white males at a severe disadvantage for education,jobs,access to loans,grants,opportunity,the results are a fractured society this didn’t bring us together but drove us all apart or as they now say’ tribal society’ try to find any t.v.,cable channel news in the morning that isn’t anchored by Women and Women of color! not saying that’s evil but does this reflect the diversity of the country! some think that when your born white and male your given a golden key and everything is handed to you on a golden platter at the expense of the black or brown races! Wow hello! wake up! one of the first things my Father told me was the world owes you nothing! if you want something your going to have to work for it! I own a business not because someone hand it to me it was saving and scrimping to buy it and working 70 hours plus a week to keep it!,why so many companies and the jobs went overseas the owners will tell you privately that they didn’t like being told who they could hire by government quotas,now tour Detroit and other former manufacturing cities they are ghost towns of huge plants that use to employ millions of high paid workers,the fruits of disastrous well meaning social experiments,one black women interviewed this week on CNN was so angry she could hardly talk and fumed that you people “I guess she meant whites”are lucky that the blacks are rioting for equality not revenge!, I fear we have reached the tipping point that as a country we have crossed the Rubicon and there may not be a way back! alas there are not enough peace makers and too
      many screaming “cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war”

      1. As a 65 year old white I agree totally with you. All white people in the usa were not born,in fact vey few are. We were always told if you want something work for it,many of us had to work 2 jobs and raise children,nothing was free not even our freedom! all americans I thought believed this. WHAT HAPPENED?

      2. Most white people do not realize the consequences of being unfair to members of their own race . As a white nurse working in the south, since the 1990’s I have been told by white supervisors to defer to my black coworkers with holidays off , prime working hours , the work tasks , etc. advantage going to the black worker. In the last 10 year , I mainly had black supervisors and co workers of whom routinely manipulated facts , bullied and lied . Blacks are now in larger numbers Judges, Police supervisors, Mayors and people in authority situations. From my experience heaven help white people to not exist in a future hell of a world.

      3. I am a 65 year old, short, bald, white male, which makes me a minority. I find this whole deal easy to live with. I just accept the fact that I am geneticly racist and I patiently wait for my turn to act like piece of crap and destroy everyone else’s lives because I have been mislabeled by a bunch of over educated d–k heads with a guilt complex.

      4. Typical Boomer. White people over the age of 40 remember that too! Why can you not focus on anyone but your own generation -even at 65! It is annoying to the rest of us who also lived when there was no censorship of speech. You are not the last generation to experience that. Gen X is!

  13. I live in Spain and almost everyone is white here except for a few venezuelan immigrants. I hated the pseudoliberal agenda that excluded Nader from the debates in 2000 so I moved to Europe. I was born in New York City and my parents are Europeans. I prefer Europe because it is more enlightened everyone is equal, no one has special status. The US is disgusting now with giving special privileges unconstitutionally to Black people and I was attacked by three violent black women three different times and they were not charged with a hate crime though I was attacked for being white that is when I said I am leaving I deserve better. IN Europe if you are black and are aggressive you are going to face consequences. They cannot behave like animals in Europe-no one can. It is also more free. I have complete freedom of speech in Spain I can say what I want without being mobbed becasue the mentality level is a lot higher in Europe.

    1. Its worse than you can imagine here now. I am personally trying to find a way to leave the states. Racism against whites has tipped the scales in a way you could only picture watching the twilight zone.

    2. HI, I want to live in Spain, I am tired of all this Crap that is happening now in the USA! I want to live where you live Tatiana. I could become an Ex-pat since I am 62 years old and able to take Social Security now. I hear it is less expensive to live in Spain. Could you tell me where you live in Spain, Thanks, Rose

    3. Tatiana, I really like what you said. It is a shame that you had to leave the USA to be treated better. I feel like the USA is heading for a Civil War all over again with African Americans vs Caucasians. What happened to brotherly love? Do we not all bleed red when cut? I am a 50 year old white woman who married a white man who has 12 grandchildren and 1 great grandson and they are all biracial either one of the parents are black or white. One of the boys asked his mother he is 6 years old, he asked if black lives matter does that mean Daddy’s life doesn’t matter? What do say to your child at that point when all the media keeps playing All lives can not matter until Black Lives Matter. I think it is horrible we have come to this. And to take down every statue that ever had anything to do with African American slavery to me is sad because no matter what you pull down, throw away the history is still there. Are we only suppose to have only African American history all around the USA? Slavery ended 400 years ago when are we going to stop paying for something that not only did we do nor did our parents nor their parents. My parents raised me and my sister with equality for all. I rent a little studio apartment bellow a house and my landlord’s live above and happen to white. I was on the phone reading an article to my friend in my apartment with the window up on 4th of July. The article was rewritten by an African American Ministry from the south and he was giving his reasons why he does not believe in the black lives group. Anyway I finished my conversation with my friend and I went to leave to go to my mom’s house and my landlord the woman felt that she needed to tell me she heard me read that article to my friend because she was in the backyard and she proceeded to inform me how wrong I was and I don’t understand the Black Lives Matter movement and that my parents were probably racist and brought us up that way and used the N word. I was never so insulted because she does not anything about me nor how my parents raised me. I reminded her that I have 13 biracial grandchildren whom I love dearly. I told her I was offended by her and that she was eaves dropping on a private conversation that she was not invited to be in so her opinion was not wanted. Her husband later made her apologize but this race problem is getting out of hand and this country has forgotten to Love Thy Neighbor. Thank you again for your comment.

  14. Mr. Salzman,
    Thank you for this informative article. I would like to be able to email you in order to discuss a situation my daughter is having at her university, regarding this very topic. Thank you for your time.

  15. How can she say Whites have no culture? What is classical music? What is all the technological innovations Whites have done? Who started space exploration? Who made first rockets? who made the first car and a plane? who invented a computer? Who made the best cities like Paris, London, Rome…who invented Justice and Democracy….and for her to say Whites have no culture?

    1. Agreed! We have no culture?! If they mean it’s not like theirs then I guess we don’t. Shameful that they feel that way

    2. Modern civilization can be almost exclusively attributed to white people. The enlightenment, due process, equality of opportunity, the Magna Carta, the US constitution, the first to end slavery, electric generation and distribution, safe water and sewage treatment, the internal combustion engine, etc..The guitar and the piano came from white people, hundreds of years before any black musician every picked them up. Libraries are filled with brilliant books written by white people. White people have plenty of culture and a history to be proud of. In spite of cultural Marxist efforts to marginalize and rewrite history.

    3. Hey, who invented Fried Chicken, who invented Jazz, who invented the home security system? Who invented traffic lights? Who invented elevators, who invented the carbon filament, IBM chips.

    4. It is projection. Most anti White insults are projection. White people need to memorize the UN Convention on the Prevention of Genocide, and just repeat it everytime Leftists talk about race.

    5. The most amazing thing, is that she’s ALLOWED to say it…and she GETS AWAY WITH IT!!!! How is this even possible? What she said is BEYOND hate speech! It’s pure evil.

    6. What’s meant by culture is an overt sexual culture, complete with increasingly raunchy musical styles, extreme promiscuity by both genders, and a worship of crime and violence.
      Welcome to the Land of Extremes: Trumpism & the evangelical right vs. the above urban cesspool!
      Aaarrgh! I’m moving to Canada. 😥

  16. White men have to start having babies with White conservative females, whether they are straight or other. You white men don’t want to pay for children anymore. You are now so selfish and cheap and babies that never grow up and just want to take drugs and play video games and watch porn. You white men are the downfall of the once greatest people on earth because of your infantile nature. Maybe you should all start growing up again, getting married to a stay at home wife, take care of her, love her, make her want to be married to you, worship her so that she will want to have babies with you and stay at home to mother them. Instead, you all now whine like toddlers and don’t want to work or pay bills and just sit in front of the tv or computer jerking off. You could be different. Change now.

    1. You sound like a self-righteous man-hater who wants to be pampered by your male slave/sperm donor. Wonder if that’s why men you know don’t want anything to do with women anymore?… The days of single-income families are all but extinct in this economy. Females now have to work as well, in order to eke out an existence. That leaves nobody at home to raise our children and teach them fundamental values. But that’s the society Feminists fought for, isn’t it?

      1. Can’t we be upset about racism towards White Americans without falling into shaming women? As a white woman, I want to support my ethnic group, but I want to do it in a way that doesn’t put down women or be explicitly racist against other ethnicities.

    2. AMEN!! You must also remember that the liberals have been attacking white males for the last 60 years for everything under the sun. Or as Archie Bunker put it, “Look, I know I got a lot going against me. I’m white, Protestant, male and hard-working. Can’t you find one lousy amendment to protect me?”
      And by the way, my father and uncles went through the Great Depression, then right into WWII, all came home and were the Greatest Generation that became engineers and put us on the moon! The commiecrats hate them.

    3. I totally agree with you about the birthrate decline. It’s scary to think what will happen to non Black enough people when they are a minority. As Mark Steyn says in several of his books, the Moslems and non Whites are all increasing birthrates. If you want to see what happens when Whites are a minority in a country just look at the White genocide that is happening in South Africa Africa since Apartheid ended. The minority of the very vocal white hating Blacks will likely rule the day

    4. I agree there is a LARGE amount of white males such as you describe. Part of the problem is that white women find such behavior acceptable and tolerate it. Women need to raise their standards and learn to be independent instead of sponging off a man, any man. Too many women want a man in their bed, any man, no matter how slovenly. A relationship where both persons have equal ‘power’ (to use a poor term) is more likely to survive. The type of relationship where a woman has less education and relies upon a man for financial support tends, usually but not always, to end up abusive whether emotionally, financially or physically. Children and pets are also affected by this. Remember, “if you can’t feed ’em, don’t breed ’em.”

    5. It is sad that your disdain toward white men has led to the type of thinking explicitly described in this article. Clearly you are unhappy with the outcome of your present situation so rather than look inward as to what choices you have made, you chose to be prejudiced toward every person who fits into a demographic based only three characteristics; white, male and heterosexual.
      It is ludicrous to think that every white male is as you describe. I think you know that. You are letting your anger and bitterness cloud your thinking. If you are a single mother raising a white male child, you need to check your prejudice.
      I’ve read studies and observations that have explored these same attitudes of single mothers in the black community. In many cases the black male child not only grows up with a strong male role model, but also grows up with a mother that resents them simply for being male.
      All it does is perpetuate the problem.

  17. Fascinating, really fascinating. It doesn’t matter how much damage they cause to people of color, what atrocities they commit against people of color, or how appalling their behavior is and has been towards people of color, white people always find a way to negate responsibility for their monstrous behavior. They truly excel at doing this.

    1. Carol: the term “white people” is not a valid racial or ethnic category. “Whites” consist of a diverse range of ethnic groups: “Italians”, “Germans”, “Frenchs”, and lets not forget about the “Irish”, who, at one time, were considered “sub-human” and were considered to be the ideal slave-race, even more so than blacks, in America. Every group on this planet has indulged in oppressive activities and slavery and done horrible things; but who has stepped up and made positive moral changes? You probably believe that “whites”, as you call us, are responsible for slavery in this world, right? Definitely not. American Indians had slaves. African and middle-eastern groups had slaves. But, “white” Christian abolitionists such as Harriet Beecher Stowe and Charles Finney were almost entirely responsible for ending the abominable practice of slavery. So before you go to the grave clutching your “noble savage” myth, keep in mind that the morality and human rights garnered by the Judeo-Christian roots of our Western culture have granted you the freedom and prosperity to so blithely criticize those who died to ensure that YOU have had the opportunity to live and enjoy such privileges. What other culture would have given so much to someone so unappreciative? But I’m sure you would have much rather been marched up the steps of an Aztec temple and had your heart ripped out at twelve years old, because then your life would have at least had the justice and meaning that you are so clearly missing.

      1. Most of that so called “oppressive behavior” has been either grossly exaggerated, is deception by omission, or outright lies used by those inclined to end white spaces first, and then end whites as a race. I have done extensive reading and research into this, and the thing that angers me the most, is the truth isn’t even that hidden-Those responsible just arrogantly assume the average person wont research past their mainstream propaganda masters, and apparently they are right, because far too many buy into the anti-white lies and nonsense. Like the person above “Carol” and others sprinkled in here. Sometimes they just twist the narrative to turn something not oppressive into a cartoonishly evil vrs good narrative (conveniently placing themselves in the struggling heroic downtodden role of course).

        Some examples-

        1) Segregation.
        Lets get this straight right out of the gate- Segregation is not, and never was oppression. Your yard is segregate from your neighbors yard. Are you oppressing your neighbor? China is segregate from Vietnam-Are they crying out over being oppressed? People self segregate with church or ball games- Are they self oppressing? There was NOTHING WRONG with saying “This theater is for ours, that one is for yours.” This has nothing to do with hatred, or “supremacy” over another. In fact, one could say that inclination may be how they FEEL but it doesn’t make it true. No one gets to define the thoughts of another, but the left does so anyways. Prior to the so-called “civil rights” movement (a communist farce in and of itself) Blacks were effectively “guests” of the United States, which until the 1960s was over 90% white. And no, slave labor did NOT “Build America”. If they could twist the narrative, they would claim the same for Europe as well if they could get away with it. The TRUTH is, one people were trying to preserve their civilization, culture, race, and way of life, and another were forcing themselves in. To hide that simple and observable truth, they NEED the “oppression” narrative as shield.

        Jim Crow/Lynchings

        The fact that this narrative was kicked off in the 60s before any data or stats were gathered on the subject should have been a major red flag here. On the website and on his YouTube Channel, “Alternative Hypothesis” cites various studies from Universities such as Berkley and Brown showing the number of documented lynching’s and mob violence, and found that racism was rarely the cause. Whites and blacks met this fate quite often, and there was always an accusation attached. And no, it wasn’t for “whistling at white women”. The most common reasons given were cattle theft, followed by rape, then murder. Per capita, more blacks were killed this way then whites but not by a very wide margin, and given the crime stats for blacks in every nation they inhabit, is it so hard to imagine why? This also coincides with their actions. After all, people flee and seek Liberation and independence AWAY from oppressors at the first opportunity. They don’t flock too them, least of all demand access to schools if the majority at that school may just lynch you for your skin color. Their actions do not align with their narrative at all- But it DOES line up with the anti-white communist agenda. Not to mention, in EVERY OTHER case of historical violent oppression, many of the oppressed would risk death to escape said country. Poor souls shot off the Berlin wall, or killed fleeing North Korea or the Killing fields of Cambodia give grim testimony to this, yet there were NO WALLS or anything else keeping blacks in America. And if they would have wanted to leave, whites would have probably helped them pack. If the hassle of getting up and leaving the country is more of a bother then your so-called oppression, your not oppressed.


        EVERY RACE was active in the slave trade, and whites participated less then ANY. Only around 3 to 400 thousand blacks were brought to North America. And that includes Haiti. Of the 10 Million blacks brought to the New world, nearly all were shipped to South America, yet no one is drilling Latinos about their “dark deeds”. Whats more, NO WHITES went to Africa and snatched up slaves. They bought them from traders, who in turn had bought them from blacks. Whites participated least of all races, AND were the only ones to act of conscience to rise against and end the practice AND were one of the few that didn’t castrate or exterminate their “stock”. Yet all the blame is somehow heaped on Europeans? These anti-Whites are either liars, hypocrites, or fools who believe what they want, because they benefit from this slander. Whats more, over 13 Million whites were shipped by Arabs to Egypt and North Africa in the BARBARY trade. Every male was castrated. Only 1 in 4 survived, and those that did were often forced to guard harems where their wives and daughters were raped. But if Hollywood doesn’t make a movie about it, to these “Leftists” (Marxists really) it didn’t happen. And that alone makes these people disgusting human beings.

        Not saying our race is perfect. NO race is. But we are NO WHERE NEAR as “evil” as we are being slandered and framed as. A few weeks ago a black man drove around in a suburban area, seeking children he intended to run down with his car-which he did. Critically wounding a young boy who was trying to shield his sister. At mall of America, a black man flung a small boy from a 40 ft balcony. Last Christmas Eve, a black woman kidnapped a 9 year old white boy, and spent two days torturing him to death with a blowtorch. A few months before that, a black woman stole a baby from a white mother and burned him to death on some tracks. In 1996, I lost my 11 year old daughter who was kidnapped, assaulted in the worst ways, and beaten to death along with her 12 year old best friend. There were 579,000 inter-racial violent crimes in 2019. Whites were on the receiving end of 520,000 of those (Vincent James has the statistics on an online article).

        Congragulations, anti-whites. Because of your false narrative, ALL THAT BLOOD is on your hands as well. Not to mention, this violence has proven EVERYTHING whites were concerned about during the Jim Crow era. Every innocent cop that dies, woman that is raped, white person they murder, proves that every concern they argued was true.

        And you frame US as the “Evil monsters”?

        Anti-Whites are the real villain’s of this worlds story. Its not even close.

        God bless and protect ALL my people in these dark days. Stay strong. People ARE waking up.

    2. Black men and women in America are the most entitled, babied and racist people. People are getting sick of it, it’s one of the reasons Trump was elected. It is also the reason Trump will be elected again even though your party is pushing impeachment. You caused Trump mentality because you’re racist assholes. I’m not even White and I am sick of it for them.

      1. No one panders more to black people than Donald Trump. Any white person who votes for Trump is effectively voting for policies that benefit blacks and harm themselves.

    3. “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.“ – Lyndon B. Johnson

    4. If White people are that bad, why do people of color desperately cling to White people? Even though I’m White, I dislike ethnic English Whites. After a lifetime of abuse, I honestly hate them as a group of people.

      I’m sure as fawk, not going to move anywhere where there is alot of them, and I actively avoid them. Don’t get me wrong, I wish them well, I just wish they would mostly stay away from me.

      Yet, people of color, cry and cry, and always try to find the most White community to move to. White people don’t owe you or anyone else shit. If a group of people wronged you, stay away from them or your full of it.

    5. No, it’s exactly the OPPOSITE! It is conservative whites that believe in accountability and responsibility. The commiecrats have targeted minorities for years with their ‘victimhood’ mentality. Get off your butt, attend school, work your way through college like the rest of us, and LEARN something of value for which others are willing to pay (that does NOT include courses in basketweaving or chalk art on the sidewalk). Stop whining. If you want to see who is holding you back just look in a mirror! This country gives you more opportunity than any other in the world. That’s why all the illegals are breaking down our borders to come in!

    6. Sure let’s point out whites not taking responsibility. I’m a “man of color” and am appalled at the actions in the more recent “demonstrations”. Then to turn them around on white people. How “black” of them. It’s time to wake up and realise we have perpetuated the conditions in wich most live. NOT them. Look at Chicago where I came from. I left because the Democrats have ruend it. Its inhabitable because of our “culture”.

      1. It’s no different than a crab in a bucket. The smarter ones will try to escape but the others will always drag them down. They should clean up their own community before demonizing other communities. Every class has their problem cases but it’s the ratio of law abiding citizens to criminals and “garbage people” you need to look at

    7. are we really saying white folks are the only people on the planet to go to war and enslave people. it seems a lot of people are only looking at the last 500 years of history and excluding when black mariners sailed the seas and enslaved white europeans, if we are going to talk as adults than do your research, and understand that everyone exploited others and there is no time on the planet when one race is not guilty of war or slavery. it appears that what comes around goes around just like cycles in history, so yes white man did this most recent so he is responsible for acknowledging his behavior. that is for sure, but no culture? what does that even mean? art, dance, and music is in all european cultures, i am just going to leave that one alone. but hands down the white man is responsible for 85% of the modern technologies it seems everyone else is culturally appropriating, if thats how you want to put it. don’t use any modern technology if you want to distance yourself from white folks, not everything is made from a white mans pattern but everything from your phone and cable to the satellites in the sky. try to avoid these comforts. but lets not forget that white man does have to take responsibility for his actions but not be led into thinking that he is unique in these behaviors at all. everyone is guilty at one point so we need to come to terms without bickering and start acknowledging obvious racism and not fall for it either. we can not listen to hate and expect to move forward. you could actually despise someone and still act civilized enough to come to terms. i luckily don’t hate anyone but i do see it is out there. i have often wondered how people could have time for all the hate. none of this is going to be easy to change, i know i am willing to listen and i hope others are also willing. i love living in such a diverse place like nyc and would not want that to change anytime soon. sorry i had no time for grammar.

    8. “White People,” Carol? You mean you are judging an entire group of people strictly by the color of their skin as opposed to the integrity of their character? Isn’t that the very definition of racism? Why are you so filled with hate?

    9. What nonsense! The persons who were whipping and selling slaves died approx. 155 years ago. Even the trees and grasses on the planet have changed as well. I’ve never owned a slave nor anyone I know. This is TODAY, not back then. People of color are given not equal treatment but PREFERENTIAL treatment. I’ve seen this firsthand for the last 30 years in the workplace, in hiring, and in Emergency Rooms/hospitals. The U.S. govt discriminates against its citizens and particularly the disabled due to Affirmative Action. This definitely affects not only quality of care but also meds received (or not), length of stay, but also any follow-up care such as going to a convalescent center after major surgery and/or physical therapy (or NOT). I have a disabled friend and have witnessed outrageous discrimination over and over the last 30 years. Nurses and doctors have sympathized with my friend, who lives in pain 24/7, but can do nothing. As one doctor said while patting his shoulder, “It’s because you’re the wrong color. That’s why you can’t get the care you need. I’m sorry.”
      And don’t talk about the ‘free clinics.’ They also get federal funds for each “minority” treated. They will turn a Caucasian away if disabled and without any insurance because they know they can’t pay and they won’t get federal funds or reimbursed by the govt for a white person (thanks to the Commiecrats). My disabled friend, who has major health problems and lives in pain 24/7, was turned away from each one of the 3 clinics we visited because they wouldn’t receive federal funds since he is not a ‘minority.’ Yet the lobby was filled with minorities, many of them pregnant and sponging off our taxpayers. When he was a working person he paid into our system for years – yet he is not allowed to use the facilities for which he paid. That’s how the democrat politicians sell out our own citizens. As a working taxpayer for the last 50 years I am tired of having to pay for able-bodied minorities who have no excuse for not getting an education and working a job. The only thing holding them back is their own reflection in the mirror. This country has more opportunity than any other country in the world. If you don’t like it here, then LEAVE! But I doubt you will since you would rather whine and make excuses than hold yourself responsible for your own situation in life.

    10. Please describe the current monstrous behavior of white people toward people of color. I’m curious as to what rights and freedoms white people have that people of color don’t have.

      1. It’s called giving one side a taste of their own medicine. If you keep calling people something then get suprised when they get tired of being insulted left and right the only idiot is the one who keeps goading one side and then go “Why do you persecute me so? :(“.

    11. What a narrow minded, uninformed idiot thing to say. Racisms is a HUMAN TRAIT!

      If you hate yourself because of your own skin color you’re simply one of the pointless opinionated, brainwashed mindless zombie warrior of the main stream entertainment news shows. You’re already Dead!

  18. I am a non white woman and i agree with all of this
    even though i am a feminist ..this whole shitty hate campaign against white straight men made me side with them
    whats more ridiculous than a white male or female bashing others cause they are white … this makes them feel woke while in fact they just a bunch of pathetic hypocrites
    also justifying insults and hate campaigns against innocent ppl is just another face of this shitty culture

    1. Thank you, Sandy. There are so many of us Caucasian people who aren’t racist who wouldn’t dream of treating someone shitty because of their skin. Please believe that. There is more love in the world than you think. You are an enlightened person!

    2. I 100% agree with you. I’m not a man either but I find myself becoming increasingly frustrated with NPR and popular media for vilifying white men, I’m like, uh, sorry that they exist? I agree with you that we shouldn’t be raising up groups by bashing others.

      It feels to me like the media is trying to start a race war or something. It’s ridiculous. The majority of us could care less about race and crap.

  19. I will comment succinctly, I’m just an old beat up carpenter. But first I need just a short moment bear with me I need to get off this damn long of leg horse. Ok now to coment from a balanced on a firm base position. I mean literally my ranch here has a base course of aggregate ABC its 1 inch minus rock with a sand binder its what’s under roadways and floors one put asphalt…darn it hold on it didn’t take that long the damn horse is real I simply digress.
    This here is serious so I Kant offer an easy answer I simply Kant. I am not Jung but I know the Jung I was Jung once I mean pretentious. The Jung Kant understand, they Kant it seems they are taught gibberish from what this article states. Now hold on there chief the problem is not only in the Jung it is in the ones no longer Jung do not overthink underthink ya I just invented a word you can use it it means overcomplicate.
    I Kant give any short answer I Kant only keep it simple. I know we were all born equal so do you. We all found our self in this world screaming in pain we all learned to hate the same damn way. The pain of cold hunger we hated then quickly we realized. Realizing in love once we all simply were clothed and fed. From then on we all turn up different. But we are still the same in that we know love and for balance we have hate. One Kant allow hate to get out. Things change but loving everyone equal to love of oneself Kant fluctuate. Kant because both overwhelm it takes a disciplined mind. I was Jung once and I said this alot. Me as a Jung`en would go around saying thinking is hard most find it is easy to judge something like that. To the Jung I Kant recommend Carl Young I Kant because YOU Kant let others put there thoughts into YOUR head. I honestly read only one book I read as a Jung person I Kant Kant recall Kant the title was cool sounding Critique of something something that had Reason no was Pure whatcha call it. Anyway i bid farewell as i climb up on this here fence i just built did i tell you about the maze i built out of bushes. Ya well that’s why I had to buy that there long of leg horse it’s TRUE I exist if YOU KANT believe me then I fibbed and I’m an analogy. But like the bushy maze is how people think. One Kant go in to thought without having a clear way in and out. A thought starts from ones love of good intent and comes out as you came in. That’s why I was on top of my high horse when you all found this I have to go and get scared folks out sitting up here I can see better over the confused there is the path. If your confused read Emanuel Kant Critique of Pure Reason is for the confused of thought Jung and old you do not see Kantian memes do ya. Don’t bother with anything all this racist talk will go away in a generation or two it should at least I would think. One last thing I read this somewhere and I can not recall it has to do with white guilt sins of the father etc. It stuck now for a bunch of years anyway I’m no plagiarist I would appreciate if it’s recognized to give info on it this following line
    To act on another’s self guilt is how evil continues to live when long long ago it should have stayed with those dead.
    Something like that anyway I do know what succinct means just not too good at it just an old carpenter c-ya

    1. The maze you made out of bushes would be an interesting topic, but what does it have to do with this essay? Also, the translation software you may have used accidentally translated ‘young’ as: ‘Jung’, and ‘can’t’ as ‘Kant’. All the best in your endeavors!

  20. I feel that we are all missing the mark. Slavery wasn’t about racism, it was about money. 99% of all problems are money. In the Civil war the north effectively stole ten billion dollars from the south. Three million slaves were legal one day then not the next. The south’s economy was based on agriculture which needed men working in fields. Money is the root here. Poor people are the targets for those who prey on humanity. Black Americans are disproportionately poor and therefore are preyed on most by those who can. It is not fair or just, but not racist. In The words of Dr. Martin Luther King a man should be judged by the content of his or her character not by the color of his skin. This is paraphrased but if you hate someone for the color of their skin YOU are racist no matter what your skin color.
    Blacks don’t get a pass on hatred and racism just because of their skin color.
    No one should

    1. KIng was wrong. What he claimed he wanted simply had proven to be false. Integration has failed. Only separation will work.

      1. Yahul what you wish for has already been done. It was done so when we all were/are all equal and with love. Neither mother nor child needs it explained, driven neither by love nor by hate this does not have any matter. To give birth, to be born, is a basic definition of good intent.
        We were all separated, we all screamed fully conscious, we were all soon in the same pain. We all found our own self, we were all in this same state. In this state we knew cold we knew hunger we knew first that we hate. Knowing hate, we know love, it came to us all in the same basic way. One can not forget what we know, one does not have to or need remember. Yahul we all first learned hate we all realized love when we were all clothed when we were all fed. Fear and all else came to all unequally later. Rethink your opinion do what you state is your truth first. Separate hate from opinion then re-examine once again. Do this over and over until you can repeat it with good intent.

    2. Why even write this article you already started it out wrong with your description of Black lives matter. Once you said that about the group , I
      cant read the rest of your article . Until white people walk in our shoes they will Never get it, I think they dont want to.

      P.S. Ever heard of Cause and Effect? Thats why

      1. The only people that black lives don’t matter to are other blacks. Youu kill your unborn at a rate higher than anyone else, you shoot and murder each other and steal from each other and make fun of each others skin tone continuously.. Then cry because, well of course it’s all white people’s fault. Your mentality is what has held you back not racism. Stop being pathetic.

      2. you get plenty,the whole system is set up for you to succeed.and you still want more,you are professional victims and whiners.

      3. You should read the entire article. I agree with you regarding BLM., but there are elements within the organization which do infact promote hatred and violence toward whites, cops in particular. Aside from this, the writer points out many very real things which support the idea that white people and men in particular are unreasonably vilified ad nauseam in our society. It would feel justified if it was 50 years ago but its 2020. White guys like me just aren’t the monsters we’re being painted as. Most of us have non white friends and colleagues that we love and respect but we are treated like we’re all nazi’s if we simply disagree with some of the discourse. It’s doing more harm than good to have classes based on our historical evil deeds and how we are automatically racist simply by being born white. This stuff is CREATING racists.

      4. Forgive my verbiage Genna, but that is simply ignorant. YOU have never been a slave. Neither have I. White people have in fact experienced racism. Who do you think the first slaves in America were? The Irish. They were treated very poorly. Slavery is about MONEY not racism. I assume that you are under the age of 30 and sheltered. You haven’t lived long enough or experienced enough to say something so stupid and poorly thought out. Good luck!

      5. What nonsense. If this country is SO horrible, then why do you stay?! Go live in some socialist paradise somewhere else and make a wonderful life for yourself! But you won’t because you know you’re full of baloney. And if you want to whine about slavery, the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians were thousands of years ahead of you. Boo-hoo.

      6. Oh wow. Finally someone that can apparently tell us about their personal experience in slavery. #enoughisenough. You have a whole subculture of handouts, lower standards to succeed and special privileged for “blacks only”. You slowly as a culture are pushing to segregate yourself. Dorming on college campuses, black only commencement ceremonies etc. Go into any high school or middle school in this country. Go to the cafeteria and what do you see. The “black tables”. No whites are allowed, they are the loud tables, where trash is left everywhere and racial epithets fly in all directions about every race. Not another table or race in that cafeteria is afforded the luxury to act so blatantly or absurdly racist. If a black kid wants to sit at the table of any other race / culture or mix there of they are welcomed. If any other race went and sat at the black tables they would be ridiculed, bullied or attacked. It’s quite literally a microcosm of society, learned and taught at home being played out at every highschool across the country everyday. Bottom line is if a white person does or says something racist they are jumped on by everyone in society including other whites and rightfully so. If a black does something or says something of a racist intent with prejudice it is accepted, laughed at, looked over etc. See whites learn from their mistakes while blacks justify wrongdoings by rationalizing them with past injustices never being able to justify their actions on the current situation in society.

      7. No! Black people have built that narrative and socialist have made you believe that to be true! I don’t know one white person that wants black people to fail. Every white person I know wants black people to be successful and prosper. However, we also want the black people to acknowledge a cultural problem and culpability in the disparity a lot of them experience. I’m tired of being blamed for poor life choices of other people. And a minute amount of research on this would reveal this truth to any black person who seeks the truth out. BLM is a Marxist group hell bent on disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure. They admit this right on their website under the “about” section.

      8. Black Lives Matter leader called themselves “trained Marxists’. They are running ads that say “All Lives Cant Matter until Black Lives Matter’. Essentially saying no one lives matter but theirs. As a majority how can we let this country be hijacked and taken this way by these violent looters burning shops and tearing statues down? Why are the liberal Politian’s governors and mayors allowing this? And chaz/chop they tried in a few cities. Why is black lives matter painted on streets in dc and nyc? I am done with this. What can we do to stop it or should we all leave America before it turns into the crap hole these people will turn it into. Believe it this place is done in 15 years tops.

    3. Whites were slaves for 1000 years from the 5th to 15th centuries called the Middle Ages. They were called serfs.

  21. The abject ignorance on this putrescent thread is depressingly disheartening. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

    1. Why abandon hope? White people defeated National Socialist and Communist attack, and can defeat African assaults. All that is required is will. The BlackAttack is teaching white people to hate.

      Not only is hatred, this hared, good, but it is good to know what it will be for. White people will get angry and scared enough to mount the devastating counterattack the interesectionalist desperately need and deserve.

      1. “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” – Lyndon B. Johnson

      2. We need to stand together now! This is enough, the leftists have infiltrated nearly every inch of the media. No one is speaking up against this ludicrous delusional rhetoric to destroy the whites. Just turn on cnn, look at ny times. Its turning into an Orwellian dystopia.

      3. I feel blacks should live in a seperate states they can be happy only with their race and let them run everything. They remind me of a bad aunt and uncle who live far and you only like to see them maybe once a year.

  22. Well, I am a white person that has a lot to say. I’m also 100 % American my ancestry goes back to 1649. And what I find pretty amazing is how everyone is so selfish. It disgusts me that an immigrant/new citizen would say such things after all that white money did to keep her country as safe as possible, and if white people make her so ill, why did she move here for more white people money and not stay in South Korea and take white people money? She said white people killed all Native Americans, and I thought how ignorant toward my native American blood for an immigrant/new citizen to say an untrue statement since full-blooded Native Americans are still alive. It made me think, I’m not sure who is worse — the killers or the scavengers.

  23. Who will people of color hate once all white people are gone?

    Just wondering, because it will happen, since white persons will marry and procreate with persons of color until they are extinct. White can be bred out in the same way as Australian Aborigines could be bred out. It’s just a matter of time.

    1. LMMFAO! It’s impossible for White people to breed out any other race. Recessive genetics. You know that. That’s what makes you all so insecure.

      1. Have you seen mulatto children? Most of them are white passing and all they need to do is sleep with another white person when they’re old enough and poof back to the White generation.

        You cannot fully out breed white people. This is a racist fantasy. You and people who think like you are obviously idiots. Recessive genes are not always dominated and can always pop back up when introduced to other recessive genes.

      2. Right you are and your comment is backed up by the Genome Project to boot. White crayons can only absorb color, but cannot make colors without the absorption of one.

      3. i am a white guy that never even cared about that until i heard a black person say it.

    2. That would apply to people of color as well right. Also this whole narrative about whites being hated is false. The writer of this article has the ability to create and pull up any information he wants to justify his argument. Listen racism has existed since the beginning of time and one particular race has demonstrated out of fear, selfishness and the need for shear supremacy more than any other race.

      finally the fact that you say white people are marrying people of color more and more demonstrates that this article is a lie. How can they on one hand not be racist and have children together and then on the other not like the race they are having children with.

      1. The article is specifically about white males. White females with black males is much more common than vice versa. As stated in the article, everyone hates white males, but they are still most certainly willing to sleep with white females.

      2. lol @nonsense, look at the comment directly above you:

        “Avatar CatBallou says:
        October 10, 2019 at 2:07 pm
        LMMFAO! It’s impossible for White people to breed out any other race. Recessive genetics. You know that. That’s what makes you all so insecure.”

        and then you say:

        “this narrative about whites being hated is falase.”

    3. It won’t matter. Humans are hard wired for prejudice.

      Referring to the wisdom of Dr Seuss in his book “The Sneetches”, “ Now, the Star-Belly Sneetches had bellies with stars. The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars. Those stars weren’t so big. They were really so small. You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all. But, because they had stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches would brag, “We’re the best kind of Sneetch on the beaches. With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they’d snort “We’ll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!” And whenever they met some, when they were out walking, they’d hike right on past them without even talking.”

      So, rather than attack the principles and thought patterns in the individual whichh lead to prejudicial thinking…. we merely turn the tables and attack the entire people group that we deem “at fault”. Will we never learn?

      1. Unfortunately our unrecognized cognitive biases will be the downfall of us all.
        It’s easier to be stupid.

      2. i guess you never heard of the moors and their occupation of europe…if i read this article sooner you would not of waited at all for a reply. the moors conquered many lands but were not able to control them for long. i am not mad at your comment i just hope mine makes you get out the research books more. white man learned to rule a certain way from the african pharoahs, the queen of england right now calls her advisor a grand vizier. that is an egyptian term. study that as well. white people blundered and marauded better then others, thats it, no other differences. but those days need to be remembered as all men doing it , definitely not just whites….period end of story

    4. Peoples of African and Mexican descent will kill each other. They do already. Why would the presence or absence of white people make any difference?

      1. Learn your Lawless Barbaric European tribal history, only then can you understand pure violence and killing of each other.

        Oh by the way, how many times has Mexico or even African nations savagely occupied or colonized people outside of their countries and or continent? Hmm, I’ll wait!

      1. @Deborah typical, your own people sold their countrymen and women into slavery. Where is the hatred for them? The only race and culture in this country to state their ethnicity before their citizenship, african-American. They sold you for personal / financial profit. Hmm, I’ll wait…….
        Stop breaking the laws and I promise some of your issues with the police will end. All your “victims” of police brutality are criminals, not boyscouts. The fact is in today’s society the hatred is there but it is flowing in the opposite direction of what is claimed. Blacks hate whites for something we alive today have nothing personally to do with. We have extended our hand in peace and it has benn repeatedly spit on. Sooner or later we will no longer put up with it, then and only then will you see what it is like to feel the hatred that you have for us but masquerade on us for a history we can’t change. You don’t want to look to the future and embrace the change that could come, you want to dwell on the past and claim victim to something you have never experienced yourself. Whites are discriminated against tem fold in today’s society compared to blacks. You make uo 13% of the population. Say half are men. 6.5% of the population is black males and they committ well over 50% of violent crimes. There is the problem with police in cold hard facts. Your economic disparity comes from 75% of african-American children born are born into fatherless families. One income supporting the household rather than two. In all aspects it is an inability for black people to ever take some responsibility for their actions or lack there of.

  24. I do not believe that nothing matters anymore, humans have failed the creator. This world was created with beauty and love, and look at what has become of our planet. Mother earth cries and no one cares to listen to what she has to say. We are all humans made with the same body and physical features, we all have the same dreams and needs. When we are born we do not hate, we as children do not see bad in others or that they are different. As children, we see innocence, love, compassion, and happiness.But then we grow up listening to parents that hate others, tv and schools teach us to hate and that we are all different colors. Even when you apply for a job or other forms the first thing that they ask is your race, nationality etc.No one should believe that they are superior to others that God created as equals (humans). Mother Nature has suffered enough that now she is demanding justice, she is cleaning up what humans have been destroying. This world does not belong to humans we are here just visiting and to learn. I personally do not accept being controlled by other humans when they themselves do not follow Gods laws. I do not answer to other humans I only answer my good and bad to my Creator. He should be the only one that all humans should follow. For example, all laws and rules are written by man, who says that these human are right about anything. One that should be reviewed is the Criminal Justice System, it is so corrupted that many humans are treated worse than animals. Actually our animals are treated with more love and respect. I believe that the government should allow the people to voice there opnions of the punishment for major crimes committed. Then the government make them as rules and law for all to follow. We need to change the governent unhealthy ways before we can love and be proud to be human.The way humans are going there will not be an earth to live on. Mother earth is not going to take it anymore, she will have the last say so.

      1. Then don’t use his name. if he does not exist you wouldn’t use the name. Also That’s your opinion.

      2. Realistically there is only three scenarios that make sense when dealing with god.

        1. God doesn’t exist. That would be a pretty bad scenario but unlikely due to supernatural occurrences that plague man.

        2. God exists but humanity is nothing more that another creation, not some amazing creation favored by god. This one makes sense to me since god would be the caretaker of earth/the universe, not the caretaker of man.

        3. God is real and favors humanity but he is not powerful enough to help humanity. I hope this isn’t the case but after seeing humanity as it is, this scenario would make sense since what creator would let their favored creation fall this far.

    1. George Carlin had a hilarious stance re Mother Earth:
      We’re so self-important, so self-important. Everybody’s gonna save something now: “Save the trees! Save the bees! Save the whales! Save those snails!” and the greatest arrogance of all: “Save the planet!” What?! Are these people kidding me?! Save the planet?! We don’t even know how to take care of ourselves yet! We haven’t learned how to care for one another and we’re gonna save the planet?! I’m getting tired of that shit! I’m tired of Earth Day! I’m tired of these self-righteous environmentalists; these white, bourgeois liberals who think the only thing wrong with this country is there aren’t enough bicycle paths! People trying to make the world safe for their Volvo’s! Besides, environmentalists don’t give a shit about the planet. They don’t care about the planet; not in the abstract they don’t. You know what they’re interested in? A clean place to live; their own habitat. They’re worried that someday in the future, they might be personally inconvenienced. Narrow, unenlightened self-interest doesn’t impress me.

      Besides, there is nothing wrong with the planet… nothing wrong with the planet. The planet is fine… The planet is fine! Compared to the people, THE PLANET IS DOING GREAT: Been here four and a half billion years! Do you ever think about the arithmetic? The planet has been here four and a half billion years, we’ve been here what? 100,000? Maybe 200,000? And we’ve only been engaged in heavy industry for a little over 200 years. 200 years versus four and a half billion and we have the CONCEIT to think that somehow, we’re a threat? That somehow, we’re going to put in jeopardy this beautiful little blue-green ball that’s just a-floatin’ around the sun? The planet has been through a lot worse than us. Been through all kinds of things worse than us: been through earthquakes, volcanoes, plate tectonics, continental drifts, solar flares, sunspots, magnetic storms, the magnetic reversal of the poles, hundreds of thousands of years of bombardment by comets and asteroids and meteors, worldwide floods, tidal waves, worldwide fires, erosion, cosmic rays, recurring ice ages, and we think some plastic bags and aluminum cans are going to make a difference?

      The planet isn’t going anywhere… we are! We’re going away! Pack your shit folks! We’re going away and we won’t leave much of a trace either, thank God for that… maybe a little styrofoam… maybe… little styrofoam. The planet will be here, we’ll be long gone; just another failed mutation; just another closed-end biological mistake; an evolutionary cul-de-sac. The planet will shake us off like a bad case of fleas, a surface nuisance. You wanna know how the planet’s doing? Ask those people in Pompeii who are frozen into position from volcanic ash how the planet’s doing. Wanna know if the planet’s all right? Ask those people in Mexico City or Armenia or a hundred other places buried under thousands of tons of earthquake rubble if they feel like a threat to the planet this week. How about those people in Kilauea, Hawaii who build their homes right next to an active volcano and then wonder why they have lava in the living room?

      The planet will be here for a long, long, LONG time after we’re gone and it will heal itself, it will cleanse itself cause that’s what it does. It’s a self-correcting system. The air and the water will recover, the earth will be renewed, and if it’s true that plastic is not degradable, well, the planet will simply incorporate plastic into a new paradigm: The Earth plus Plastic. The Earth doesn’t share our prejudice towards plastic. Plastic came out of the Earth! The Earth probably sees plastic as just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the Earth allowed us to be spawned from it in the first place: it wanted plastic for itself, didn’t know how to make it, needed us. Could be the answer to our age-old philosophical question: “Why are we here?” PLASTIC!!! ASSHOLES!!!

      So the plastic is here, our job is done, we can be phased out now, and I think that’s really started already, don’t you? I mean, to be fair, the planet probably sees us as a mild threat; something to be dealt with, and I’m sure the planet will defend itself in the manner of a large organism. Like a beehive or an ant colony can muster a defense, I’m sure the planet will think of something. What would you do if you were the planet trying to defend against this pesky, troublesome species? Let’s see… what might… hmm… viruses! Viruses might be good. They seem vulnerable to viruses. And uh… viruses are tricky; always mutating and forming new strains whenever a vaccine is developed. Perhaps this first virus could be one that-that compromises the immune system of these creatures. Perhaps a human immunodeficiency virus making them vulnerable to all sorts of other diseases and infections that might come along and maybe it could be spread sexually, making them a little reluctant to engage in the act of reproduction.

      Well that’s a poetic note and it’s a start and I can dream can I? See, I don’t worry about the little things… bees, trees, whales, snails. I think we’re part of a greater wisdom that we won’t ever understand, a higher order. Call it what you want. You know what I call it? The big electron… the big electron. It doesn’t punish, it doesn’t reward, it doesn’t judge at all. It just is and so are we… for a little while…

  25. Excellent article. It’s very frustrating to see people on T.V. say whatever they want about whites and, not only get away with it, but have the media support it. What’s even more frustrating is not seeing whites defend themselves and condemn these rantings. What’s even more frustrating is it seems to usually be perpetuated by whites themselves. I think this is why we continue to see mass shootings by frustrated, so-called, alt-right youths (I am not condoning these acts of murder). Frustrations are boiling and some are taking a call to action. As long as this narrative of white hatred remains a social-norm, I’m afraid things are only going to get worse.

    1. Kudos to you! This is so true, and this is racism. White people aren’t the only ones that can be racist…we just aren’t allowed to say it about any other race…we just have to accept it. If the things being said about the US President today were said to Pres. Obama, those people would have been shot.

      1. Well look at it this way. You had your turn. It’s called the shoe being on the other foot. And we still can’t marginalize or disenfranchise you like you did us. Nor can we lynch you. But one can dream.

    2. Are you kidding Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Donald Trump, Breitbart… need I say more. So you said they are getting away with something because they talk about the white race. That is a comment that would have been made during Jim Crow era. I guess freedom of speech only applies to those people you feel should be allowed to speak. Your race defends themselves more than any other. That’s why we have people driving around with confederate flags all over the place, why we have white law enforcement officers shooting innocent black people, and also why we have white people shooting innocent people at Walmart, schools, churches etc. Let us not forget the beatings of protesters with tiki torches a few years back while trump ran for office and all of these so called militia groups supposedly out to support America by carrying AR 15’s and white law enforcement officers allowing it. Oh and to top it off a white man driving his car through a rally and killing a white woman who was innocent and simply because he was white and fighting for the rights of his people. Need I say more?

      1. Then if it’s so horrible here, make like a tree and LEAVE!! There are plenty of illegals of various races busting our borders to get in and live here!
        If you think you are being held back, just look in a mirror to find the culprit.

      2. All those “personal accounts” on the internet hold about as much water as soup strainer. Drop your stories and look at actual facts. If you are triggered by flags then you already lost. White people seem to live in your head rent free, similar to minorities living rent free in the media. :^)

  26. Weren’t the first humans Adam & Eve or something equivalent ? And they were supposedly brown skinned because the Almighty Creator created them from the Earths’ dirt (in East Africa)… Dirt is brown, hence why well over half the worlds’ population has different shades of brown hair & flesh to brown skin, which includes most Caucasians (the so called “Whites”, most of whos’ skin it not milk white), & about the Asians-Orientals/’Yellows’ (no offense or disrespect):
    Well none of them are actually yellow, but they have the stunning bright jet black hair.. They & the so called Whites are all desendants of the original Browns (not “so called”).. Eventually a lot of the Browns dis-embarked from E. Africa and spread out in all different directions and later created the so called Whites & Yellows, which added a new variety of different faces to the worlds’ population, and for some reason, it’s the certain whites & yellows who are to thank for most of the worlds’ great inventions such as the telephone, the wheel (i.e. cars/trucks, etc.,), electricity, heat, air conditioning, medicine, Doctors & Nurses, boats, ships, airplanes, post offices, houses, apartment buildings, & a batch of other great conveniences.. So if the Browns hadn’t yielded the spin-off of the non-Browns, then the same inventions would’ve eventually been thought up by the Browns..

    And of the worlds’ current population of 8 Billion, over half are Asians (the Browns & so called Yellows), the Browns being mainly of SouthWest Asia (india, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, etc.), & the so called Yellows further NorthEast in the Continent… And of the 8 Billion, probably just 25%-2 Billion have faces & bodies that are a little bit to a lot stunning & shapley, cute, sexy, pretty, handsome, etc., (by fact not opinion)..
    in other words, they’re in the male/female stripper categories.. And half of 25% is 12.5% who are males, & half of that is 6.4% which is probably the Caucasian-European males who have spread out worldwide (& they’re probably all desendants of the originating master source: The Brown race)..
    And as far as the rest of the 12.5%-er males, approximatley 3.6% of them are of the Brown/(rareley jet-black) groups, including mainly African-Negro males who are spread out worldwide, with their high cheekbones, indentations of the cheeks & stripper shapley bodies, equal to the other groups.. And also in the 3.6% are a number of SouthWest Asians in india, Pakistan, etc., who are also spread out worldwide.. And now it’s time to do some Math:
    + 3.6% = 10% of the 12.5%, so then the remaining 2.5% is reserved for the so called Yellows who have also spread out worldwide, and then the so called Red Race (the “Native” Americans) are supposedley desendants of the Asians who are desend. of the Browns..
    Now, all these % percentages are probably just a bit off, as they’re just anot estimated proximile…

    So there !

    David D.
    Eastern Queens County, Long island, N.Y. (16 miles east of midtown Manhattan)

  27. I left a reply for Yellow King. Last night wondering why it was not added to the thread???
    Pleaee give a justified reason. His ignorant comments were more than aggressive and racist, my rebuttle to his nonsensical stupidity should be allowed to be viewed if his hate speech was. Must be FEAR. LOL. Referring to whites as monkeys lmfao. That’s a new one……

  28. White people took credit for a lot of African inventions, just check for example, Egypt statue noses, lol, ya’ll tried to re-write a lot of things so bad , its only the ignorant African(blacks) that don’t really know their history, but I don’t blame them because white people denied them education , hence you my friend think white people invented almost everything, yes some things they did invent just not everything.

    1. What black person is denied an education in 2020??? If anything they are given more chances to get a good education than white people are, not to mention that they are also given more chances of getting a good job even if they aren’t the best candidate thanks to “racial quotas “

    2. DNA testing on the Egyptian mummies tell you who they were. They were close to british and irish people. There are other differences in head shapes and body shapes other than a nose that you can see race. Blacks were slaves in Egypt. Then where are all the black inventors today? I also read you could fly but we stole that. People who invent you can see there work up to the end. Where the ideas came from. You have no proof of anything your saying. If so superior and were thieves then why is Africa not the hub of all. You didn’t even invent pants nor wear them. Stupidity . Write your own history. Open your own schools and hospitals. Why has this never happened. There was not even wells in Africa.

  29. I think you mate should go read patent history, your world is full of illusions. Space travel, you should go find out about Katherine G Johnson and others, there is even a movie about it, there is more that you don’t know mate, Shakespeare sonnets were written by a different race i wont even mention the race because race don’t matter to me, Shakespeare had to front the lady’s work so that it can be published because it was during the segregation regime, mate the is more……………………..

    1. GEE … you know the whole Shakespeare was written by a little black girl has been completely and totally debunked?

      You’re saying an affluent white man who was illiterate went to a young black woman who was most likely also illiterate (it wasn’t allowed for them to read and write) but she wrote every single thing from Hamlet to Romeo and Juliet? LMAOOOOOOOOOO

      This never happened, please do more research before you spout nonsense.

  30. What the hell is the matter with you? Why would you want to enslave or eliminate people because they are different?

    What the hell makes white people so different that we are the only people you want to destroy?

    1. Maybe because a lot of whites feel the same towards all non-whites. Don’t dish it out if you cannot take it. And if this isn’t you, what are you doing to fight racism?

      1. No they don’t. I hate African Americans and I am not even from America, I have nothing against blacks in any other part of the world. If you want to label me racist because I do not like whiny jealous people continuously blaming and complaining, go ahead.

      2. CAT: That is not what the article is saying. Dish it out?! No one is dishing but getting accused of being racist when they in fact are not. Grow up

      3. Please describe the current monstrous behavior of white people toward people of color. I’m curious as to what rights and freedoms white people have that people of color don’t have.
        For you to honestly believe that all white people hate people of color is ludicrous. It is also a projection of your views toward white people.
        60% of the US population is white. We had a black president for 8 years. We have thousands of black people in government leadership. Successful black athletes outnumber whites. Hollywood and music have a much higher percentage of black people than 13%, which is their percentage of the population. News and entertainment as well. Two of the richest women in America are black.
        If white people are so racist how could this be? NONE of it did because of the support of only 13% of the population.
        If you are unhappy about the outcome of your life it is NOT because there is inequality of opportunity.
        What, exactly, do you want white people to do for you?

  31. Your BS has been debunked point by point numerous times. You’re living in a Wakandian fantasy world. Invent some AI or any form of advanced technology then get back to us. How do you think a few thousand Europeans could conquer tens of thousands of African warriors? Was it tricknology? LOL Your people weren’t Egyptians, the DNA results show that they were primarily from the Near East and Europe. Even when they were conquered by the Nubians there was little if any influx of sub-Saharan DNA.
    DNA research now indicates that there is no such thing as pure humans, all of us have DNA from some form of archaic human species. All races except blacks have Neanderthal and Denisovan DNA. Blacks have another type of archaic human DNA, mostly likely the small brained Homo Erectus. Around 60-70,000 years ago sub-Saharan Africans had larger brains and were more intelligent than blacks do now. Those large brained ancient Africans are the ones that left Africa and went into Europe where they bred with large brained Neanderthals. It’s amazing to look at the correlation between the percentage of Neanderthal DNA and IQ scores. East Asians and Northern Europeans have the most Neanderthal DNA and the highest average IQ’s. Sub-Saharan blacks have zero Neanderthal DNA, the smallest brain size, the shortest life expectancy, and the lowest IQ scores on the planet. That’s why blacks will never be able to compete on a level field in an advanced civilization. They can’t even maintain one when it’s built and given to them. They let it fall into disrepair or destroy it. Notice that the most advanced nations in Africa in general were once colonized and the most backwards are those that were never colonized such as Liberia and Ethiopia. The more whites or Asians in an African nation directly correlate with their more advanced state. Blacks tend to revert to tribalism and xenophobia in Africa when left alone.

      1. Its blacks in the ghettos is why they want gun laws. Every week there is a mass shooting. They dont even report it. It’s an everyday happening. Everyone knows what areas not to go to including you. Grow a brain. I’m so sick of this ungrateful crap. 75 percent of black males never get a job and people blame fatherless homes. Are you kidding. They dont marry in Africa. They rape. Are people not aware of this. Its lie on top of lie. 75 percent of Hispanics are on state aid and these numbers are easy to find. So as our middle class goes to hell and crime rises till we all live in a torn up city get the facts. We dont build big fancy anything because millions are spent on each black family. Free food housing education medical. What do we get back. These lies and nobody seeing the facts.

  32. I am European white and i live and grew up in a homogenius society. I was never tought to hate or look down on anyone of another race. When i first saw a black person at age 8 i thougt it was very interesting. After discovering social media like after 2010 i started seeing different sides of reality. I thougt there almost wasn’t any racism except from “white supremacists”. That’s what the msm always told. Now i know it was a lie and this burning and blatant hatred of us whites i see both on social media and in the main stream. And that is mostly because of something the past. Something i didn’t come near to nor my ancestors but some people would happily want to put that blame on me. To them i will happily replay: Up Yours! My thoughts have changed last 5 years and i’ve certainly turned into a nationalist. Diversity is not anyone’s strength. Stay homogenius and preserve your culture.

      1. Why not? It’s hard not to hate people who hate you. You can tell that the person who wrote that was young. You and your people cause this young white person to be racist, They were not born that way. Your hatred and vitriol will be your downfall.

        You already are the most hated people in America, it’s not because of racism. It is because you all are violent, thieving, racist people.

        Honestly, you kill each other more than any other group, you steel from each other. The lighter skins makes fun of the darker skins and the darker skins make one of the lighter skins… So colorism and racism is prevalent on your side against each other. You all are your own worst enemies and complain that everybody else is the one who’s doing it. You all are pathetic.

    1. Evil is evil and it has nothing to do with race. There are people all over the world living with a dark heart but you can’t attribute that to race. Stop searching social media for bad things and look for the good. you will see it outweighs the bad 100 x ‘s over.

    2. It’s like BLM TORONTO co founder calling whites sub human genetics defects and blacks super humans what’s happening globally is what’s currently happening in South Africa.
      Globally the white population is about 1/10 in South Africa the white population is about 1/10. The only thing uniting South Africans is their hatred of whites and desires to see them suffer. Where this hatred comes from are the failures of South Africans themselves who were to busy killing each other to develop their own societies so they want what white people have built themselves and to harm whites out of their self declared inferiority as a nation. This is what is happening with globalism all other countries that have failed themselves are placing the blame on Colonialism. The only way to ensure a future for White children in which the will not be oppressed by non whites would be another baby boom and segregated areas for whites in which non white will be able to manipulate laws in their favor further. Whites also should realize the reason they are being hated and displaced is due to their inability to work together for a greater good is outmatched by the need to be better than one another. If white people dont work toward caring for and helping one another we can kiss our race and heritage good-bye

    3. Seriously. I think America is the only country in the world where not only is race blown out of proportion left and right, but where the majority is actively encouraged by the media to disseminate our own culture and way of life and to accept foreigners in boatloads and to marry them too.

  33. Lol where was this power when we kicked every races ass all over the planet. We control the world always will breeding takes time 18 years, death takes seconds. How long do you think it would take to kill 3 billion asians billion blacks, before afternoon tea. We control the weather HARP, your own people sell you out like the blacks who sold you into slavery. We are efficient at war, your African armies would not last a minute against us, Iraq fell within weeks, we walk into any country we want and can obliterate you any time we want. And you are a fool to think other races will not exterminate you next, Ive been all over Asia they do not like blacks at all. And i have not even brought up Ai we are going to legions of AI at our disposal even merge with them that is the future, everyone knows this. Your faith in numbers is laughable it’s not the 1800s anymore if that were the case India would rule the world. Your face is in a data base as we speak you can be found in seconds, China allready has all its citezens in their data banks with thousands of cameras tracking every move they make, where they eat, what they buy, who they are romantically involved with. You lack vision and it’s your cowardice that has you scared, the future is going to be run by a few elites, that is the truth, and you and all your kin will be nothing but useless cattle, where you will be no more important than a pig. Tell me I’m wrong, but you know I’m right, there is no other future except an asteroid hitting the earth being your only hope.

      1. Refute the central point of the text. If all you can do is name call, you quite literally are less than useless.

  34. What does “background” have to do with grasping the extent of ethnic achievement.
    I define “Africa” as “from the beginning.”
    We all came out of Africa.
    Deal with it.
    It makes you a better human being.

    1. Reuben, FYI The latest scientific research shows that earliest humans originated in Europe. the hominid samples date 250,000 years before the hominid samples that were found in Africa. You can search this. It was in the news today.

      Information changes almost daily.

  35. Damn man… you need to focus on other things. This article puts it perfectly. Human behavior makes everyone a lot more similar than different. You’re a white suprematist nazi dressed as a black man. Don’t you see? This kind of attitude is exactly what causes the great problems of the world. Hate is hate. You’re contributing to the problem. Hopefully our future generations are more mixed so bullshit like this stops.

  36. Your rambling is completely off base. And you hate white people and you think white people hate you and fear you. You need to get perspective. And you stated that what you said was going to be hard to hear for the easily emotional people. Well, what you said was all your intense emotions spilled out to text. You are equivalent to all white racists, because you are also racist. That’s something you can work on. Please people of all colors who actually are not racist, leave more insightful comments.

  37. Yellow king you are only showing how ignorant and racist you are my Friend with this long drawn out statement about whites we arent monkeys; we are the creation of the same god. face facts.

  38. “Are you really the majority? If all people of color let’s say in this country alone decided to band together against you…well I guess you then would be the minority. We would exterminate you. You know this. But the propoganda you see each and every day on television and social media is what keeps you in the dark and ignorant. Even on a global scale…you are outnumbered. You see…we simply let you live. We take from you little by little. That’s how you will eventually perish.”

    …by the way, you misspelled “propaganda”

    Thank you for confirming and projecting your fears. You are a racist. Yes. That’s true. I grew up in New Mexico and I see the truth of the numbers you speak of. I was not in the majority race and it was apparent through the racist comments and laughing. Your sanctioned racism, your approach to this, is abhorrent. People like you are fanning the flames of hate. To answer your question, I found this article after googleing “white people are evil”. I have been reading racist sentiment from articles on the Root and Fakequity. Your fear leads you to seek out the same support for your ideas…like murdering all caucasians. You talk it up like it’s a wet dream. The reality is, I don’t think you can get your shit together enough to all agree on a time or a place to overrun wypipo. You’ll be fighting over who is the boss and who gets the biggest guns…you know? The typical macho black male stuff.

    …and what happens when you finally win the country? Probably wreck it. Just like every other country your people have ever run. Corruption. Rape. Violence. Power struggles…until your own people can’t take it anymore and do what? Migrate to a place that has laws that are enforced and an economy that works and then complain because you’re a whole 13% of the total population, but only get 13% of the jobs, tv time…because you don’t understand ratios. So, to you, getting less air time is racist despite your actual population. Taking 13% jobs is not enough. Then your whole plight starts over again. Demanding reparations? Here’s a good way to look at that; My mom was raped by my grandfather when she was 13. He’s long dead. Should I pay my mom some kind of restitution for what my grandfather did? NOPE. I hope this reply finds you jumping up and down with anger at “just the kind of wypipo” you be talking bout.

    1. Well said Mr Cracker,

      I live in Southern CA. All the once black cities here ( Compton, Watts, Inglewood, South Los Angeles) here are now run by Illegals. Mex Mafia Controls the drugs and Blacks sell for them. Blacks have been passed over again because they are so hyper-emotional and cant build or maintain anything as a group. Some smart Conservative Blacks here do break that mold but they are very few..

    1. Very convincing argument. Thank you for clearly defining the nuances of your position and educating us on the intellectual nature of the Left.

    2. Sad group of individuals on here. When the next civil war come all i got to say is good luck. Yall are so divided so against humanity. Why cant you learn to love. Hate me all you want. It only shows how miserable you are inside. Yall need some soul searching.

    3. I’m afraid that eventually the white men will get enough of this and we will at that point have to check all these people. It want be with votes and safe place discussion. No it will be a brutal all out massacre of these people. Every one knows white men will never ever give up our position in life. We are the last ones you want to go to war with. We do not loose. We don’t know how to loose. We are good at one thing and that’s winning wars. So I would suggest y’all stop what your doing before y’all cross the point of no return. I’m doing my best to save you people from what is coming if you don’t . I know white men im one. We will only take this so much. When you threaten us and physically come for us you will have sealed your fate. We want go quietly like y’all hope. Y’all are not prepared for that kind of fight you never will be. That’s our world we run we own that we invented it. Please check yourself before y’all take this to the next step. The outcome will not be in your favor. I’m sorry but that’s just the truth.

      1. See my comment above, it tells about the very first humans who were (supposedley) created from Earths’ Dirt which is BROWN !
        This is the case according to The Bible. . i had blond hair thru age 6, then it changed to dark blond to light brown to medium brown, and then by around age 8, to dark have brown, and i’m Caucasian-American of western European ancestry..

      2. Agreed … White people, the same people that gave you electricity the car the radio the airplane, rocket ship, the microwave and all the other stuff that all the other races take for granted. The other races all hate white people simply because we invented everything and they know what we are capable of.
        I’m tired of this, and there are many more where I came from. I wonder how blacks decide if they are racist towards each other since none of them is the same color — they’re all different shades of brown. What about a light brown guy? Is he closer to being a white guy than a really dark brown guy? It’s all so ridiculous.

  39. Just because a people were treated poorly doesn’t mean that can’t later also be racist. That is the continued cycle hats happening now. White people were treated bad as you demonstrated and then later did the same to others instead of stoping it. Now those that where hurt again are striking back at white people for whites hurting them. It’s an endless cycle if someone doesn’t just toughen up and put an end to it instead of perpetuating.

    1. Actually, slavery has been justified in various ways since recorded history. All major civilizations have enslaved at one time or another. The military draft and prisons are forms of involuntary servitude which is also a form of slavery.

      The ancient Greek philosophers justified slavery as did the Jews and early Christian saints. You can be a slave owner and a Christian since slavery isn’t necessarily a sin. When Paul converted Philemon’s fugitive slave to Christianity, he didn’t tell him to keep running, he told him to make the best of his situation regardless of being slave or free, and sent him back to Philemon with a message. Philemon was instructed to treat the returned slave as a brother in Christ. Philemon was a brother in Christ to Paul, plus Philemon was a church leader.

      Ethiopia was the last nation to end slavery in 1942. They only did then because they were afraid the Europeans would use anti-slavery sentiment as an excuse to colonize them. The North used anti-slavery sentiment to demonize the American South, and then provoked a bloody civil war with them. Their goal was never to free the slaves it was to destroy the so-called slave power. The power that counting slaves as 3/5 of a person towards representation which the North believed gave them unjustified political power. They conquered the South and eventually freed the slaves. The Radicals, industrialists, and bankers realized that freeing the slaves actually gave the South even more political power since slaves would count as a whole person. So they carried on a policy of division between the races. Instead of leaving the freed slaves as wards of their former masters as was the goal of presidential reconstruction, they impeached the President and devised a mean of reconstruction that pitted the races against each other. It was republicans that started it but today, the democrats are perpetuating it.
      It’s not quite as simple as you attempt to make it.

    2. yes ….i think i agree with you but at same time, right now white people need to take responsibility for what has happened here in america. if white folks try and continue to be honest about 300 years or so of american history and just stop denying there were horrors and understand that they have the power to stop a cycle, that would be tremendous for the world. if white man truly runs the world he then has the power to make change for better. i would like to be prouder of white people. so all eyes are on white folks to see how this works out, but kneeling down to folks of other colors is not what it is about either and will not help. leave white guilt behind and just be honest, honesty is something sincere. i commented that every race has acted out the same atrocities as white men and before them also, so people might need to research this so they can stop acting like 400 years of american history is the whole world history.

      1. the people who did that are not alive and not related to the 87 cultures of whites living here same goes for canada. Only 2 white cultures lived in canada in the 1600s but we had no black slaves we freed them when we fought in the civil war so they have no rights to claim discrimination here. irish were the oppressed people in canada for a long time….still are did you know 70% of our homeless are white males and why is every group that comes here using this whites were racist to us card? We had nothing to do with these cultures. Many never even lived in canada!

  40. I will let you know why I’m looking into the subject. It’s not fear, it’s because I’m looking for hope. I’m hoping that in all this anti white garbage out there and talk of diversity that someone will actually include all people as equal. If a person is for equal rights, then it should be equal for all, not all except white people. It instead of trying to make peace and equality for everyone you choose to follow the crowd instead of thinking for your self. You come up with ridiculous options that history isn’t real and discovered science either wasn’t discovered by someone because they were white or that it’s just a lie. That’s petty and ridiculous. It’s obvious that you are projecting this fearfulness onto white people because you your self are afraid. But in reality there is no need for fear. No one is greater or lesser than anyone because of race, people are greater or lesser because of hard work, discipline and ambition towards certain goals. Race is irrelevant. So stop being hateful for your own good, it will only consume you. Just live your life and stop focusing on all the nonsense people spew about race and anti white propaganda. There are better things in life to put energy into.

    1. Agree, I feel like soooo many people are holding on to the past, and not realizing that in the present moment everyone has experienced racism.

    2. I dont think so i think different races are good at different things.I think its not a coincidence that white people build the best societies and dominate warfare and that asians dominate stem studies and that blacks dominate sports.Do you really think thats all a coincidence or societal structure?

  41. Agree, and Europe is actually the most diverse region on Earth ,.Skin color is not a race or ethnicity,and modern DNA tests demonstrate, quite clearly,we are all connected . People need to open their eyes,and take a hard good look at what is happening… Divide and Conquer.. people need to wake up

    1. Correct. It is the liberal mentality that uses division to destroy and grab power. They don’t want success for people but instead want chaos and anarchy because their socialist agenda does NOT work. As Margaret Thatcher wisely observed, “Sooner or later you run out of other people’s money.”

  42. Call it what you want, but POC are sick of racist white people pretending they do not see racism and pretending they do not benefit from it. POC aren’t taking racist crap anymore and racist ass white people are terrified that the unequal treatment they’ve given non-whites will be turned around on them. The Bible says the first shall be last and the last shall be first.

    1. Your just another fool living in an imaginary world crying about how terrible racism is when you don’t even know what racism really is. So when white people have to listen to your harassment everyday just for being born white, you think that’s ok? How is that different than someone harassing someone for being black, or native or anything else? Those things are fought against and rightfully so. But it’s ridiculous that you can attack white people with your words and think your any different than the alleged racist you run your mouth about. Grow up realize you are doing the same thing you are fighting against.

      1. Amen, so true. No one looks at their own actions. Unfortunately everyone experiences racism no matter what color you are. We can end this with love.

    2. Don’t bring the bible into this it also says
      In acts 10:34-36 -34 Then Peter began to speak: “I now realize how true it is that God does not show favoritism 35 but accepts from every nation the one who fears him and does what is right. 36 You know the message God sent to the people of Israel, announcing the good news of peace through Jesus Christ, who is Lord of all. ….Mic drop

    3. Maybe POC need to learn how to interpret the Bible. You quote doesn’t mean what you want it to mean and it’s mentioned more than once. Where your quote was used is at the end of a parable involving laborers complaining about everyone getting paid the same even though some worked longer. The interpretation is that all believers, no matter how long or how hard they work during this lifetime, will receive the same basic reward: eternal life. Like the thief that died beside Jesus, because of his last minute repentance and confession of faith in Christ, he received the same reward as Timothy, who served God for years. You’re sick in the head because you’ve been brainwashed.

    4. I agree I’ve been warning them to stop. They have no idea what Hell they are about to unleash on there self. I don’t want that to happen to anybody. I pray they come to there senses and stop this. Before we have to stop it. They really don’t know any better I’m afraid. They have woken the lion and now they are trying to build the courage to grab its tale. I wouldn’t suggest doing that. People you really don’t want this fight we don’t want it. But we are prepared for it and it’s only got one outcome. They must know what it is. If not there ignorance will get them all, well we all know what will happen to them. I truly pray they change course before it’s to late.

  43. I’m born in a human body, so I see and hear all about racism from all races like you, I see how we are separating by looks and location of birth on earth. I see that Being in this world, being human is temporary. Everyone is born into a different part of the world to experience different aspects of being human. It’s nice to have that culture But I think we take it waayyyyyy to seriously where we forget that unity and oneness is who we really are as beings of the same collective universal energy. we focus to much on skin pigmentation. Many souls, in this case wearing white skin and not all racist and are evil beings, To say that, you are being racist yourself. In order to find balance you may want to be open to the idea that bodies aren’t what define us. It’s the soul it’s our own individual actions. If you can be open to the idea of reincarnation, many of us have lived many life times in many different bodies so the act of a soul in whichever form it takes should not speak for all the other bodies because of shared similarities in looks. Everyone playing the roll of a human on earth in whatever body. You are experiencing and making individual decisions. Just because one or more person chooses to do or say something that is hurtful or racist, doesn’t mean another being is that way because they share similar skin color. A wise person looks at Their own thoughts and actions before pointing fingers. If your going to talk about racism and want to end it, make sure your not racist yourself. In this life I was born a white women and Iv experienced hatred by others simply due to my skin color just like many other people from all walks of life. Despite this I try to love everyone. I see them as my brothers and sisters even tho I don’t always get that love back. Hope we can open our eyes and hearts more.

    1. I agree, but you are so much better at saying it than I am. People seem to get so caught up in fighting evil that they get consumed and become what they are fighting against. The fight should be to unify ALL people and stop mistreating ALL people. Not just continue hate against one race and call it diversity.

      1. To do so, Johnny, would require people to ignore what is happening in cities like Baltimore, Chicago, Boston, St. Louis, etc.
        One race is responsible for a preponderance of violent crimes. That is the truth that is socially unmentionable. (Thankfully, they prey mostly upon one another with the exception of rape. Statistics prove that white women are black men’s victims 95% of the time.) To ask people to ignore the fact that one race is responsible for a majority of crime is to put blinders on. Intelligent people know better.

  44. There are two real dangers to this anti-white mindset that its proponents don’t seem to comprehend.

    First, a minority of foolish and morally bankrupt white people can, will, and do buy all the social justice arguments and simply place themselves on the other side. That’s how you get white nationalist groups who say, “Yes, it is a power struggle between whites and everyone else, and we intend to come out on top.”

    Second, and far more serious the vast majority of white people who still hold to the tenants of individualism and equality and will see the social justice warriors as a real and direct threat to their safety, culture, and future and react accordingly. As when we fought the Nazis and the Communists, there’s no need to agree with an enemy or even hold him in any regard as serious in order to recognise him and defeat him.

    Either way, the result is division, civil unrest, and even war. Unfortunately, in this case, the SJWs have created a landscape in which there is no middle ground. It is one side or the other/ The Feminists will fall first because there is no way to have a serious conflict between the sexes and women are immensely practical creatures, but the other groups will find themselves in a very nasty position of facing a frightened and angry majority that has no intention of offering itself up for sacrifice. And when they mobilise, the “battle” won’t be metaphorical.

  45. I have seen so much of this for the last few years, and of course, I’m white, and female. I worked 55 – 70 hours a week for my entire career, paid my taxes and donated every chance I get to charity organizations. I am also conservative, and Christian, and few thousand other SJW-unpopular labels. My husband and I can trace our families back to the Civil War and beyond, where both of our ancestors fought on the side of the north – you know… abolishment of slavery? We have friends of every possible designation / category, and so we, at least, are totally confused by all of this. And worse, I have not one small clue what to do to combat any of it, but to be the best person I can. And of course you can see where that has gotten us. I would love to see someone offer a path to resistance.

    1. This is not your fight. Relax, and spend your childrens inheritance on RVs, vacations and other entertainments. Encourage your grandchildren to read Geo Lincoln Rockwell and James Mason.

    2. Thanks, B. B.
      Other author/historians that are not Lincoln diests are:
      Garry Bowers, “Slavery and the Civil War”.
      James Ronald Kennedy, “Punished by Poverty”.
      Dr. Ray L. Parker, “The Union Was Never in Jeopardy”.
      Charles T. Pace, “Southern Independence: Why War?”
      Dr. Hunter McGuire, “The Confederate Cause and Conduct in the War Between the States”.
      Clyde Wilson, ” The Yankee Problem”.
      And Thomas J. DeLorenzo, “The Real Lincoln”.
      Each of these authors have done the research that backs up the real facts (not the Doris Goodwin type propaganda) about that “unpleasantness” between the states.


      1. White privileged is no longer a privilege in our country My son-in-law is white. His privileged meant he couldn’t get a job in Canada. He’s been working in Asia for the last 15 years, just so he can have a job. That means I age without my children and grandchildren. I don’t call that privilege at all. BTW – I’m not eligible to live in Asia with my family.

        We as Canadians have accepted immigrants and refugees from all countries and all races and offered them a home. In return, our young men are discriminated against and many have been denied the opportunities to support themselves. It’s a shame that our “privileged” young white men have to move abroad so they can get a job that pays more than minimum wage.

  47. — Osei-Frimpong said that “some white people may have to die for black communities to be whole in this struggle to advance freedom.” —

    This…person should count himself fortunate that virtually no one takes him seriously, much less literally. Were it otherwise, the pogrom would start at once…and it would not end until the purge of non-Caucasians from these shores was certifiably complete.

  48. “and find solutions to the growing monoculture of
    ideas that silences the contrarians.”

    I am sorry but there are not any solutions that
    don’t come out of the barrel of a gun. A fool knows
    no limits on his foolishness. They will not stop
    short of a civil war. Then they will lose all that
    the world holds precious and come to hate

  49. Then there is gay marriage, the ability to change your sex on your driver’s license and birth certificate, and coming soon in Massachusetts, a third sex on your driver’s license. X for those unable to conclude if they are either male or female. O Brave New World…….

  50. If you consider the election of Donald Trump, identity politics helped elect one of the less capable presidents in modern history. The rancor doesn’t advance social justice in that respect. It creates opposing camps.

    Of greater concern are legal efforts to entrench these biases.

    In Canada, they passed a law in sexual assault cases that requires the defense to get prior approval of evidence that may counter the prosecutor’s narrative of the relationship between accuser and accused. This is designed to help avoid instances where the defense can impeach the accusers testimony. The legislation followed a high profile case where the accusers outright lied on the stand about their relationships with the accused. Furthermore, the accuser gets third party standing with a government supplied lawyer and can contest court filings and arguments causing long delays.

    Another Canadian example are recruitment quotas for the military where they explicitly bar men and whites from consideration for positions.

    Equal treatment under the law is under threat.

    1. Define”less capable”. Seems to me Trump’s first two years have been a roaring success in the face of fanatical opposition that would have taken down most anyone else.

    2. Trump, the MOST capable President in history, other than George Washington! The worst president, and he wasn’t really one since as a felon he didn’t qualify, was Obama.

  51. I doubt that I will live to see the day since I am in the eighties but I hope that my fellow sites will wake up and take to the streets with their guns. If I am fortunate to still be around, I will cheer them on.
    Incidentally, the scumbag who is the publisher of the Times is an ex-hippie who arrived at his exalted position the hard way by being born–to really speak about white privilege.

    1. I doing you will live to see that day, too, old man. You and the ones who commented before you (as well as the sorry writer of this article) are s bunch of priviledge people who fear equality. Guess what? The USA is changing and there’s nothing that any of you can do!

      1. Want to bet on that! We white folk wanted all others to join us in success. But no, as we smashed the locks off barriers to your success, helping you at every turn in any way possible. Until the day we checked our progress by looking back. Unfortunately what we saw was new locks on those doors with guards to stop us from the gates of progress.
        Foolish people, I thought we were much the same, but that seems to be an error in judgement by white men of principle.

      2. Really I don’t see Africa been changed demographically by whites flooding in or South America or Asia. Why do you get to have whole continents filled with only blacks arabs or hispanics arabs have taken over many countries and converted the population to Islam and still there to this day. Not one sjw says anything about that. Empty out Africa fill it with whites empty out USA fill it with blacks, you will all just be coming on leaky boats back to Africa as refugees. Land isn’t the problem you and your fellow race and culture are. The trees the earth, the water the wind are the same it’s your race and culture that make you fail.

      3. Privileged, by being the only group that one can openly express contempt of?

        We built the West. Even if we were “privileged”, so what? Why shouldn’t we be? These are OUR countries. Are Japanese people “privileged” in Japan?

        Equality? How are affirmative action and other handouts about equality? Oh that’s right, equality of outcome, not of opportunity. All bars must be lowered for those who cannot compette.

        Hey–are Asians privileged as well? As a group, they earn more, are incarcerated less, have lower out-of-wedlock births, and do better than whites on every other metric that counts. I guess I’ll let you get back to me on that one.

        How about Nigerians and Indians? They out-earn ALL whites in terms of household income. Need time to think? Or to start thinking, for once?

        People like you are dregs who hate the very people who gave you the opportunities you can’t shove your hands out fast enough to take. Nothing we can do? You’ll find out that’s not the case, but it’s going to have to get worse before it gets to that point. Stay tuned, bigot.

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