Anti-White Racism Harms Us All

Justifying one form of racism justifies all forms of racism, both historical and invented. All racists claim that vilifying and persecuting certain categories of people is justified.

The German National Socialists claimed that Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, and the disabled polluted their pure Aryan blood. The Ku Klux Klan argued that blacks were quasi-human and that their blood would pollute pure white blood, which is why even a drop of black blood made one a black who was suited to be a slave, or at least separated from “pure” whites.

Today, in the U.S., whites, and the Asians and Jews allegedly aligned with whites, are vilified as evil “oppressors” of various innocent, minority “victims.” Characterizing whites as evil perpetrators of injustice who must be sidelined in favor of BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color) and other “marginalized and underserved minorities” such as LGBTQ2S++ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, two spirit, plus the other 76 non-binary genders) and females, on the grounds of statistical disparities between census categories, “proves” evil intent and unjust results.

Canada is also into favoritism and benefits for BIPOC and LGBTQ2S++, as well as any “racialized” people, disabled individuals, and Muslims. But it adds a further indictment of white Canadians, who are deemed not just “oppressors” but also “colonial settlers” who have, according to the Government of Canada, engaged in genocide against the native people who preceded them! Apparently the 1,807,250 indigenous people in Canada today were all murdered earlier by white, Euro-Canadian colonial settlers.

The fact that certain census categories are “underrepresented” relative to their percentage of the population is taken as evidence of anti-minority racism. But it is not only minorities who are in some cases “underrepresented.” Today, males and whites are underrepresented in many important fields, such as government service and universities, although this is disregarded as entirely irrelevant by diversicrats.

Government and institutional racist guidelines now require “marginalized minorities,” “racialized individuals,” BIPOC, LBGTQ2S++, females, the disabled, and Muslims to be hired, funded, given awards, and provided with segregated events and spaces. Males and whites are often explicitly excluded, e.g., in ads for jobs or notices for funding.

This sounds like a good deal for the minority beneficiaries. But how is it harmful? Here are four reasons why these policies are harmful for all parties.

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First, racism cuts both ways. Prejudice, bigotry, scapegoating, and discrimination are not guaranteed to always go in one direction. What happens if today’s targets of racism get fed up and decide to turn the tables? Do we really want to encourage the return of historical bigotries and racisms?

Second, this is not just anti-white racism—it is also a racism of low expectations that replaces achievement, merit, and excellence with skin color, gender, sexuality, disability, and ethnicity. Apparently, the preferred categories of people, especially BIPOC, are not deemed capable of achieving high standards of learning and competence. Thus, to advance BIPOC, standards are lowered and done away with entirely: advanced courses in high schools are canceled; standardized tests are no longer required for admission to colleges and universities; quality criteria are disregarded in industry; and performance standards are lowered in the police and the military.

The replacement of merit with “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) guarantees that capability and competence are no longer the criteria by which people are selected. This means that future engineers, doctors, airplane pilots, generals, and judges will not be able to do as good of a job as the meritorious candidates who were not selected. Was the new bridge you are about to drive over built by a “diversity” engineer? Do you want to be operated on by a “diversity” surgeon? How did the person flying your plane get in that seat? Will our new generals be capable of protecting us from foreign enemies? Does the judge who you will face know the law?

The stigma of “diversity” hires clings to all minorities in a regime of favoritism. No matter how smart, capable, and deserving of respect someone is, if it is believed that standards of merit were set aside for them, they will forever be looked down on. This is not exactly beneficial for those minorities who were meritorious but who are now classed with their underqualified colleagues.

Third, the majority of citizens in both the U.S. and Canada are white. Is it wise to treat the majority unjustly, to vilify and exclude them?

Public opinion surveys show that most Americans no longer have faith in their country’s institutions—especially in the media, which most do not believe, and in Congress, which gets very low grades. There has also been a decline in faith and recruitment in the police and military, which were always the highest-regarded fields. For the first time, colleges and universities, today the source of DEI racism and sexism as well as far-left political ideology, are seen by the majority of surveyed respondents as not worth attending. Alienating the majority from the institutions of the country is a sign that the country is breaking down and that it faces ugly possibilities in the future.

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Fourth, America and Canada are countries that have to secure their places in the world. They are not like our snowflake students, for whom our universities have provided “safe spaces” where their verities will never be challenged, and where they never have to face people different from themselves. The U.S. and Canada live in a world of other countries where actors see opportunities to advance their interests at the expense of others’. In other words, the U.S. and Canada are in an ongoing and never-ending competition with other countries.

World history shows many countries and peoples who gained strength and steamrolled their neighbors. Imperial conquests have been common for millennia. Rome, Islam, the Mongols, the British, and the Russians each conquered and ruled half the world. German National Socialists and Imperial Japanese tried but failed. Now China aims at conquering the world. The U.S. and Canada are in the way, but are they capable of stopping China?

One way that China is preparing for the conflict to come is by educating its population to the most advanced level possible. Chinese students rank at the top of international comparisons of educational competence. In contrast, Canada is well down the list, and the U.S. is way down the list in reading, math, and science. American urban school systems have many schools without any students up to grade competence.

Chinese TikTok is geared toward education, unlike the American version, which is saturated with sexual transition, anorexia, and self-mutilation. China and Russia do not deny science, the way America and Canada now deny biology, but focus on science to advance their economic and military strength.

American colleges and universities are obsessed with DEI. After fifty years of preferential admissions under “affirmative action,” the results are well known: weak students do poorly. Now that merit has been expunged from our institutions, how will the U.S. and Canada compete with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran, where students are assessed for performance, not “diversity”? Racism is not only unjust—it is extremely unwise, weakening the U.S. and Canada in the face of their enemies.

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  • Philip Carl Salzman

    Philip Carl Salzman is Emeritus Professor of Anthropology at McGill University, Senior Fellow at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy, Fellow at the Middle East Forum, and Past President of Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.

15 thoughts on “Anti-White Racism Harms Us All

  1. I’m a white male in mid 30s, I grew up as a liberal in a republican countryside area i n a r republican state, bot not far from major city areas that are majority liberal. Especially in colleges. I fell for the white people have done bad things ordeal, I slowly realized it was bullshit, luckily I found a book by Thomas sowell that made me go and read more of his work, now we can watch some of it online, but they still make sure to not let his work be well known because it destroys every single thing people were lied to and has multiple facts from his extremely deep research that he does. But this hating whites and white male stuff, forcing other stuff on everyone, the constant blame for someone else’s failures and the fact if I dated out of my race (which I have once with Hispanic that had Cuban grandparents and parents, and one with an asian American in both cases people would actually try to get them to leave me because I was supposedly fetishizing them and using them for white supremacy, which was never the case. I had issues defending myself from that due to social anxiety so I wouldn’t cut them off due to that and luckily both of them shut the bs down as well. The fact I cant be with another female from another race because I’m doing it for white supremacy is insane and is the normal. I’m sure other races deal with it as well, but its so widely accepted and not put into check when it comes to white men. The constant toxic rhetoric eventually got too much for them, and its hard to blame them for not wanting to deal with that on a daily basis. The fact that as a white male everything I do is to fetishize other races or to control them with white supremacy is insane. Then you have the ones who will say you’re born gay and trans etc yet I am not allowed to be attracted to someone or possibly be more attracted to a different race without going out and choosing that preference yet that is fine to attack me for even though we don’t choose who we get attracted to, it is something that happens. Yet those same people will push that gay and trans people were born with that preference and cant change it. The absolute ridiculous amount of pure toxic filth this is and how the left is doing it is insane, its blatantly accepted and treated likdtheword of God, yet a white man has a different opinion so its because they’re angry white men who don’t want to lose power.

    So guess whats happening, white nationalism is on the rise from this, people are sick of it and its only getting worse, I do not hate any other race but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I’m starting to go towards white nationalism because I and many others are sick of the anti white male hate and double standards. I don’t hate other races, but as this keeps going its becoming clear to me that its never going to work, why wouldn’t white men especially at younger ages Thapar taught to hate themselves and to stand aside for someone else who couldn’t do something but blamed it on me? Why would anyone want to continue to allow this? If we went deep into things I could easily point out things. The fact we are supposed to sit here and be called racist for not wanting to be a minority in a country we created ? If minorities could run this country better then why are they running it into the ground along with so called colonized countries. I’m supposed to hate my race for creating many things and many great civilizations so other races can demean me and everything done for the civilizations? We get attacked for not wanting to be in cities due to high crime rates and its called white flight? Maybe like Thomas sowell proved, black culture is the problem and is whats holding them down and not white men, plus do people really think those who you vote for care about the false promises they lie to you? There’s a reason they want open borders and they will do whatever it takes regardless of the harm it does to others, power. Politicians have the last four power and will do anything to keep it or obtain it. Yes, even pushing lies to brainwash people to hate the race of people who created the country that their culture is destroying and turning it into a 3rd world shithole. Why should white men not fight for their race when everyone finds it okay to allow hatred and blame for their failures. No, I don’t want violence, nor do a lot of us hate other races, but I can tell you this much, pushing this shit further like the left and others are doing will continue to create radicalization that otherwise wouldn’t exist. No, not terrorism as the left says, but they blame trump for the rise of it, even though it never had anything to do with him, which is why it makes me feel like I’m having an aneurysm in my brain when I hear them say he’s a white supremacist when he hits supremacists don’t like jews lol. But yeah, I don’t hate other races but I’m starting to feel as if this whole live of diversity is a strength , when it has to be forced by laws and identity politics when equality is to them pretty much taking everything white men have achieved and instead replace it with lies and bullshit.

    I can tell you this much, I’ve seen young white men rapidly going towards white nationalism because of the anti white male toxic rhetoric that is praised. If you want to push garbage on white men and only talk about half truths of things some white men have done and refuse to acknowledge and praise everything great white men have done then you are beyond worth conversating with or being interacted with. Funny how that works

  2. The anti-white rhetoric has grown significantly in the past few years. BIPOC and LGBQT+ minorities have been taught since a very young age that they are at a disadvantage in our society and in this world there is no such thing as punching down. What I see is a misguided group of confused and ignorant people trying to do their best to create a world they feel like they belong in. Sadly, I do not see the US moving past this issue, this will be the issue that spirals us into more destitute circumstances. Our government, or should I say the corporate lobbyists running our country, will do whatever is necessary to make a quick buck, and right now the quick buck comes from pandering to minorities. Alienating and demonizing people in the present for actions of the people of the past is just wrong, not to mention petty. Eugenicists are having their way with the American politics right now and it’s obvious to anyone with an inkling of respect for truth that what is being done is all a part of someone’s plan. Our only hope is to unite once more, walk side by side, and do what we must do in order to reclaim our country from the truly evil ones here, the elite.

  3. Biden started the anti-white to get voted in- now blacks can get exonerated from all crime but whites get felonies!

  4. Timely article reflecting the true sad affairs of America . Not only is there anti-white racism , but there is also turning eyes when a person of color makes a mistake or ethical violations . This leads to more egregious issues . It is about idolizing certain ethnicities at the expense of others regardless of their qualifications or actions .

    The corruption at universities with all their unqualified Vice deans/vice presidents and assistants thereof and whatever other titles they make up who were hired because of the colors of their skin is pathetic .

  5. “Will our new generals be capable of protecting us from foreign enemies?”

    I’m not convinced that our *current* generals are capable of doing that…

    1. Oh, really?!?

      This straight White male with a doctorate is driving a bus –and I don’t know what racism feels like?!?

      And people wonder why I believe we should just shut down all of higher education….

    2. In the early 1970s I had a new term added to my lexicon: reverse discrimination.

      Yes, white men most assuredly DO know what racism feels like. When white males have to have higher SAT scores then a POC for college admission, they know what racism feels like. When white males are told they cannot apply for certain scholarships because they don’t have the right skin color, they know what racism feels like. When white males are told they can be excluded from certain dormitories (like at Syracuse University) because of their skin color, they know what racism feels like. When Princeton excused a student from a ‘whiteness is sin’ anti-racism training (because of the threat of a lawsuit), they know what racism feels like. When white males see minority set-asides for government contracting and hiring obviously lower qualified POCs, they know what racism feels like. When white males are told by their employer that they have mandatory DEI training where they learn, by definition, they are oppressors and if they object, are told to deal with their ‘white fragility’, they know what racism feels like.

      Oh yeah, anti-white racism is pervasive. You provide no proof to support your claim. We’ll wait…

    3. Today, straight white men are explicitly excluded from many opportunities and benefits. For example, straight white men are not eligible to apply for many educational jobs such as professorships, and from benefits such as funding. For ads excluding white men see
      “Diversity,” now required in government, business, and education, is understood by those hiring and promoting to mean “no white men.” So too in many race-based facilities and ceremonies in universities–the new segregation–white males are excluded.

    4. I live in a world where people tweet, post, and pontificate endlessly on:
      – killing all white men
      – cancelling white people
      – limiting opportunities for white men
      – passing laws to enshrine state sponsored discrimination against white men

      Every single day, I see this. At the same time, I get to watch BIPOC melt down because someone wore a kimono, or sombrero, and that microaggression caused so much harm a meeting now needs to happen, complete with a training on cultural sensitivity and white fragility.

      Or some white guy gets invited to speak and he had ideas (legally permissible ideas) that didn’t sit right with the BIPOC or LGBTQ zealots and so he needed to be cancelled, immediately. (Even requiring security to show up to escort that problematic white away from a state institution.)

      1. You forgot to mention the fake hate crimes — and that tradition goes all the way back to (at least) 1979 when a Black student burned a cross outside the Black Fraternity — and didn’t realize that (a) the FBI took such things seriously, and (b) had one of the world’s best forensic laboratories.

        This was before DNA, but the FBI proved that the wood used in the cross came from the same tree as wood found in the basement of the Black fraternity. Yes….

        Twenty years later, neighboring UMass Amherst would be literally shut down over because of a series of fraudulent rape hoaxes blaming some mysterious “White male.” This occurs elsewhere as well, with disturbing frequency, and it’s always blamed on a “White male.”

        Heck, when Trump was elected in 2016, the idiots couldn’t even draw a swastika correctly — something that a real neo-nazi absolutely would know how to do….

    5. Your grammar and sentence structuring is atrocious at best. Learn how to write in proper English before commenting, please.

    6. Ignorant people such as yourself need to be thoroughly educated. If you can’t see the issue being displayed right in front of your eyes, then you must be full of yourself. I am assuming you are indeed not a white folk, thus you must not have any idea of what these people on this platform are conversing abt. I do hope that you can read some of what these individuals are expressing and try to be full of much more than a load full of apathy.

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