Day: May 21, 2024

Diversity be Damned!

“If critics have a problem with the goal of diversity, they should say so,” writes law professor Stacy Hawkins in a vigorous counterattack against critics of “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) mandates. Well, here I am. Hawkins notes that even some DEI critics acknowledge the value of racial and ethnic diversity. But they are wrong: […]

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An Octogenarian Reflects Upon Student Protests Over Six Decades

As angry crowds of student protesters gathered at elite universities across the nation to call for a ceasefire—and, in many cases, to echo the Hamas demands for the destruction of Israel—many are no doubt inspired by the vision of earlier student protesters who brought an end to the senseless violence that resulted from American intervention […]

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Higher Education Subsidization: Part 1—Subsidy Justifications and Rationales

Editor’s Note: This series is adapted from the new paper Higher Education Subsidization: Why and How Should We Subsidize Higher Education? Part 1 explores the justifications and rationales that have been used to subsidize higher education. Higher education has long been subsidized by the government in America, but the reasons used to justify subsidization have […]

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