Author: Jonathan Marks

Jonathan Marks, author of "Let’s Be Reasonable: A Conservative Case for Liberal Education," is professor of politics at Ursinus College.

Former ASA Presidents Speak Out

As David Bernstein has reported on this site, the American Studies Association’s National Council voted last month to endorse an academic boycott of Israel. At the same time the Council put the resolution to a vote of the membership, which is being conducted online and concludes on December 11. Eight former presidents of the American […]

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Losing Our Heads over Heady Predictions

Demographics are working against our colleges and universities. The number of graduating seniors, especially those from families who can pay full tuition, is dropping. So colleges and universities have more seats than there will be students to fill them. This story has been told again and again, so it’s difficult to make it interesting. But […]

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Don’t Cheer the Rise of the Adjunct

“Study Gives Tenured Professors a Failing Grade” is the headline of a recent Walter Russell Mead blog post. The study shows that a Northwestern undergraduate in an introductory course is more likely to take another course in the field and perform well in it if his or her instructor is not tenure-track.  That, according to […]

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Higher-ed Elitists: “Let Them Eat MOOCs!”

In a recent post at the Chronicle of Higher Education, Kevin Carey of the New America Foundation urges professors to “embrace the new academic freedom,” particularly freedom from tenure. Tenure, Carey argues in a fit of hyperbole, “is one of the worst deals in all of labor.” First, only “a few worthy souls use tenure […]

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