Author: Mitt Castor

Mitt Castor is the pseudonym of an MIT educator who runs the Babbling Beaver satire website.

Congress Must Defund MIT Until It Gets Its House in Order

The ramifications of MIT President Sally Kornbluth’s failure to quell the outbreak of anti-Semitism on campus, frustrated by the active opposition of her own senior administrators, Deans, DEI officers, and radical faculty that blossomed under the appeasement policies of past president Rafael Reif, now threaten MIT’s federal funding. As well it should. The House Committee […]

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Transgender Madness is the Hill Wokeism Will Die On

Two inexorable forces are driving the woke movement toward an unavoidable reckoning. The first is the binding force of intersectionality, which holds that all marginalized identities must band together to fight systemic oppression. The second is the energizing force of a permanent revolution that recognizes no limiting principles—the movement always seeks the next cultural convention […]

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How to Harpoon the DEI Leviathan

Everywhere you look, there is a growing backlash against diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs that implement racist, sexist, and exclusionary policies masquerading as solutions to those very problems. A cultural revolution that divides society into immutable victim and oppressor classes, inflames resentments and suspicions, facilitates anonymous denunciations, promotes segregation, ostracizes critics, aggravates mental illness, […]

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Who Will Be Held Responsible for Today’s Gender Genocide?

Coming of age as a young woman in a man’s world has always brought challenges. The track record of the psychology and psychiatry professions attempting to deal with these challenges has not been pretty. But never before have we seen the therapeutic community so eagerly inflict surgical mutilation on pre-pubescent girls struggling to accept their […]

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Unmasking the Campaign against “White Supremacy Culture” in Science

A revealing article in the February 2022 issue of Frontiers in Communications provides tremendous insight into the roadmap that Critical Theory advocates are using to conquer STEM, the last academic sector still holding out against the long march through the institutions. Titled “Acknowledging and Supplanting White Supremacy Culture in Science Communication and STEM: The Role […]

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