Author: Neetu Arnold

Neetu Arnold is a senior research associate at the National Association of Scholars. Follow her on Twitter @neetu_arnold.

To Fix Student Loans, Keep It Simple

In “How To Fix Student Loans—Permanently,” Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity Senior Fellow Preston Cooper proposes an alternative solution to the Biden administration’s expensive student loan jubilee: financial penalties for colleges and universities whose graduates struggle to make repayments. His solution holds institutions accountable for a portion of unpaid loan repayments. He expects the […]

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Why the New Student Aid Formula Spells Trouble for Families

Many Americans are aware of the Biden administration’s battle for student loan forgiveness. But a major policy decision that has flown under the radar is a change to the way federal student aid will be distributed among students. Stuffed into those end-of-the-year pork-filled bills is a provision that spells trouble for families. In 2020, Congress […]

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North Carolina’s Best and Worst Degrees

The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal recently published a report by Adam Kissel and Harrington Shaw that examines the financial quality of degree programs at North Carolina state universities. The authors use debt-to-earnings ratios, calculated from College Scorecard data, to evaluate the economic returns of these programs. Their report, in addition to providing […]

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How to Fix Borrower Defense

Mass student debt forgiveness is unpopular with Republicans and even some Democrats. As such, it’s unlikely that the Biden administration will forgive all $1.45 trillion in student loan debt prior to the midterm elections. But that hasn’t stopped unelected bureaucrats in the administration from working behind closed doors to forgive massive amounts of student loans […]

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