Author: W. Alexander Bell

W. Alexander Bell is an American expat and PhD student living in Sweden.

Sustainable Development in Higher Education: Useful Concept or Trojan Horse?

Having worked within the humanities for a number of years now, I have first-hand experience with the ways in which words and concepts can get politicized and abused. Sometimes, familiar words take on new meanings (e.g., racism, gender), while other times, new concepts get mainstreamed without the general public being made aware of what they […]

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Healthy Skepticism or Paranoia? How Critical Race Theory Could Contribute to Vaccine Hesitancy

With recent news suggesting blacks and Latinos are being vaccinated for COVID-19 at lower rates than whites, many are searching for the causes of this apparent inequity. While structural and systemic racism are the most cited explanations, others speculate that “vaccine hesitancy” within communities of color may also play a role. For example, a research letter […]

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