bias police

The Campus Tendency to Extremism

There is a common cultural dynamic in which competition among members of a social or political movement for the prestige of ideological purity and group leadership leads to more and more extreme substantive positions. Examples are countless: Christianity, based on a Jewish Messiah and his Jewish Apostles, soon enough came to disparage Jews who did […]

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Guilty of Cultural Appropriation in an ‘Insensitive’ Facebook Post

Is it possible for an entire institution to go crazy? Two years ago, posters were placed around the Indiana Wesleyan campus before Halloween warning students against wearing costumes that perpetrated crimes of cultural appropriation. The text had the standard plea for sensitivity, with a heading “THINK IT THROUGH.” A request, “Let’s actively care for each […]

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Bias Response Teams—Not Gone Yet

At Emory University, when someone had the nerve to write “Trump 2016” in chalk on some sidewalks and steps, a wave of “fear” struck the campus, according to the university president. He made it clear that “Trump’s platform and his values undermine Emory’s values of diversity and inclusivity.” He also said that any student found […]

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