From A Reader

Here’s a letter from a reader addressing some of the travails of technology at her college and the role that they seem to play in the dropout rate: I went back to college this semester after dropping out 18 years ago for a family obligation. I came from a wealthy family. My entire family were […]

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Where Goodness Lies: An Open Letter To Students

Dear Students Two factors have come together to inspire me to write this letter to you. First, it has been my privilege to promote cross-campus entrepreneurship on college and university campuses, and I have met some amazing young people with great entrepreneurial ideas who want their lives to count for something significant. I also have […]

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A Letter From A Reader

I just learned about your organization today, following a link from, of all places, the Chronicle of Higher Education. Thank you for what you are doing. As a voice crying in the wilderness, I find that many of the points being made on your site resonate with my own critiques that fall, inevitably, upon deaf […]

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