Day: April 25, 2011

Duke’s Brodhead Under Attack

Duke president Richard Brodhead has presided over what could charitably be termed a checkered administration. His botched handling of the lacrosse case led to a reported $18 million settlement with the falsely accused players, as well as millions of dollars in legal fees to fight off (thus far unsuccessfully) a civil rights lawsuit filed by […]

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Why Do the Big Donors Give?

From reading news stories about multimillion-dollar gifts to universities, it’s easy to get the impression that the donors are mostly rich people with pronounced ideological agendas–or else they wouldn’t open their wallets so readily. In April 2010, for example, the billionaire-financier George Soros, known for his funding of progressive causes and his efforts to defeat George […]

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Mary Grabar Responds

I was glad to see my article on the CCCC conference generate so much interest and commentary.  I do feel a need to respond to a few of them. In response to the comments accusing me of cherry-picking among the panels and the speakers on the site Tedx, I suggest that all go to the […]

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