Author: Frances Widdowson

Frances Widdowson is a former professor of Economics, Justice, and Policy Studies at Mount Royal University. She was fired by the university in December 2021 and is a vocal advocate for academic freedom and free speech. You may find more information about her case at, which is going to arbitration January 16-27, 2023. She is a co-author of "Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry" with Albert Howard, editor of "Indigenizing the University" and author of "Separate but Unequal."

The Perils of Challenging Trans Activism at Mount Royal University

Over the past 20 years, trans activism has become more prominent at universities. As many academics know, this is one of those “third rail” subjects that can cause you serious trouble. Women like Selina Todd, Ann Henderson, and Kathleen Stock have discovered that one’s physical safety—not psychological or cultural safety—can be jeopardized when challenging this […]

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When Satire Becomes “Harassment” at Mount Royal University

In my recent discussion with Michael Rectenwald—a former New York University professor and author of Springtime for Snowflakes: “Social Justice” and Its Postmodern Parentage—we discussed how satire was one of the most effective ways to deal with “woke-ism.” (“Woke-ism” is the colloquial expression for the anti-Enlightenment agenda of identity politics becoming totalitarian). This is because […]

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Indigenization Has Poisoned Mount Royal University’s Academic Environment

For a number of years, many Canadian universities have embarked on a process known as “indigenization” (to be followed shortly after with the addition of “decolonization”). This has been embraced especially intensely by my former employer, Mount Royal University (MRU), which posted the following Tweet on Canada Day from its official account: This Canada Day […]

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Why Mount Royal University Authoritarians Focus on the “Impact” of Speech

In June 2022, Peter Boghossian posted a video featuring Dr. Lyell Asher, a professor of English at Lewis & Clark College, titled “Why Colleges are Becoming Cults.” Although Dr. Asher raised many important points, perhaps the most significant was his discussion of the commonly heard refrain in universities that “[i]t’s not the intention, but the […]

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Exclusionary Inclusivity: How the Mount Royal Faculty Association’s ‘Woke’ Faction Coerces Conformity

On April 22, 2022, the Mount Royal Faculty Association (MRFA)—the union that is representing me in my wrongful dismissal case against Mount Royal University—sent out a “preface” for its Spring Retreat Program. The Spring Retreat is an annual event designed to help Mount Royal University (MRU) faculty members connect with one another and improve their […]

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