Author: Ian Oxnevad

Ian Oxnevad is senior fellow of foreign affairs and security studies at the National Association of Scholars.

Unethical College Grade Inflation Hurts Students

It was a college campus right out of fiction, complete with the classical architecture of 19th-century buildings, quiet and leafy outdoor quads, and wood-paneled classrooms befitting a small, private, liberal arts college. Speaking as a then-professor of political science, the students were incredible, except for those who never turned in their work during the semester. […]

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American Academia’s Hate for Israel and Love Affair With Iran

The leafy quads and collegiate student gatherings of the current fall semester hide deep ties between American universities and the new war being waged on Jews by Hamas and Iran.  Anti-Israel protests by college students and weak excuses for anti-Semitism by university administrations are nothing new.  Affection for terrorism and the Iranian theocracy runs deep […]

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MESA’s Anti-Semitism Got Evicted—But American Academia Has a Long Way to Go

George Washington University (GWU) will be a less anti-Semitic place after its recent decision to evict the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). In a terse note, GWU stated that the relationship between the university and MESA “had run its course” and that the two institutions were “now parting ways amicably.” Observers of Middle East studies […]

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PSU’s International Programs Problem

Ties to the Chinese military—and to U.S. national security Portland State University (PSU) is at the cutting edge of geopolitical competition, with its simultaneous ties to both Beijing’s military establishment and America’s National Security Agency (NSA). Thanks to “collaborative partnerships” between PSU’s Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science and three different Chinese universities with […]

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PSU’s Confucius Institute 2.0: The Portland Institute, NJUPT

Portland State University (PSU) closed its Confucius Institute (CI) in January 2021, citing “a range of financial, staffing and operational reasons.” Thus it shuttered its China-backed language program of 13 years. In its announcement of the closure, PSU noted that it intended to “expand direct academic ties” with China. PSU has made good on its […]

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